Invasion Of The Walking Catfish


The trailer of Zaat, the invasion of walking catfish, Original Theatrical Trailer for the 1972 Low Budget Sci-Fi Cult Classic Rubber Suited Monster Film. A.K.A. The Blood Waters Of Dr. Z which under that title the film was aired on the infamous MST3K. Video originally from the 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Collector’s VHS it was limited to 500 Copies.

Zaat (also known as The Blood Waters of Dr. Z, Hydra (Canadian bootleg title), Attack of the Swamp Creatures (US bootleg title) and Legend of the Zaat Monster (proposed re-release title) is a 1971 cult movie that gained significant exposure when it was used in an episode of movie-mocking television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 in May 1999.
The film begins with Nazi mad scientist Dr. Kurt Leopold in his lab, where he has lived alone for about 20 years (it is revealed later in the film that he graduated cum laude from MIT in 1934). He is contemplating his former colleagues’ laughter at his formula, which is described as “ZaAt” (read Z-sub-A, A-sub-T, but which he simply calls “Zaat”). His formula can turn a man into a walking catfish. He injects himself with the serum and emerges from a tank as a giant fish-like creature.

His first act of revenge on the society that he feels has wronged him is to release several smaller walking catfish around the town’s lakes and river (filmed in the St. Johns River near Green Cove Springs), an annoyance to the townspeople, and releases Zaat into the local water supply, rendering many of the townspeople ill.(…) more about this crazy movie on Wikipedia