Tenkara Fly Fishing with no hands


What a lesson of life in this vid of a man fishing with no hands!
Samoana Matagi is a young man who had chosen a dangerous profession: high-voltage power lines installer. In December 2010, an accident sent him a discharge of 14,000 volts. He survived, but was amputed of both hands.
After a period of deep depression, Sam pulled himself together and began to learn how to use the hooks that replaced his lost hands .
Seeing that the only DVDs existing to rehabilitate amputees were sold at a price he considered unjust, he decided to make his own videos and psot them freely available to disabled on Youtube. Just for sharing his own experience and help other people.
He became The No- Handed Bandit, a bandit with a big heart, a sort of Robin Hood. On his YouTube channel, you can see Sam tying his shoes, brushing his teeth, opening a jar, and even climbing a coconut tree!

In this video, we see Sam The No- Handed Bandit with his One-Armed Swordsman pal, try successfully fishing Tenkara, a Japanese technique without reel with just a rod and a fly line .
Thanks to  Tenkara team who often help handicaped people et teach them how to fish.

Respect, SAM

With your  vids, you help many handicaped people, to relearn daily’s gestures, to regain confidence in life, but also to see it is possible.