Snapping Turtle Attacks Pike


This angler is reeling a pike but…. clinging to its tail, is… a turtle!
I didn’t know turtles could be carnivorious, I googled and yes some of them are:
“A turtle’s diet varies greatly depending on the environment in which it lives. Adult turtles typically eat aquatic plants, invertebrates such as insects, snails and worms; and have been reported to occasionally eat dead marine animals. Several small freshwater species are carnivorous, eating small fish and a wide range of aquatic life. However, protein is essential to turtle growth and juvenile turtles are purely carnivorous.” [source Wikipedia]

And you want to feed a carnivorious turtle, you must know there is a special website for that (Internet is great)!
“Snapping turtles are a turtle that prefers a mostly live food diet. Small fish like minnows and gold fish are a favorite with snapping turtles. You can find these at your local pet store. They also like crayfish and crickets, which can be found at bait shops and pet stores. If fresh fish isn’t an option, there are many types of small, whole frozen fish at grocery stores. Most non-fatty meats are perfectly appropriate for a snapping turtle. A snapping turtle also needs some vegetables and fruits. Turtle food can also be purchased at the pet store to supplement some of the vitamins that they are missing from their captive diet.”