Snakehead Eats Pike


We don’t know why this guy owns a snakehead fish at home (it’s illegal), in such a small aquarium.
For the breakfast he gives it a little pike and in a few seconds the snakehead eats pike.

Snakehead invasive species

Snakeheads can become invasive species and cause ecological damage because they are top-level predators, meaning they have no natural enemies outside of their native environment. Not only can they breathe atmospheric air, but they can also survive on land for up to four days, provided they are wet, and are known to migrate up to 1/4 mile on wet land to other bodies of water by wriggling with their body and fins. National Geographic has referred to snakeheads as “Fishzilla and the National Geographic Channel reported the “northern snakehead reaches sexual maturity by age two or three. Each spawning-age female can release up to 15,000 eggs at once. Snakeheads can mate as often as five times a year. This means in just two years, a single female can release up to 150,000 eggs.”

Since 2002, it has been illegal to possess a live snakehead in many US states, where they are considered a destructive invasive species…. [Read more about snakehead on Wikipedia]

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