Record King Salmon BC


A Record King Salmon BC, nice catch.

We set the boat record with this 62lb chinook salmon caught in the waters of Prince Rupert BC just south of Alaska. We caught the king salmon fishing with a herring about 45′ deep. A big run of chinook had moved in from Langara Island the night before. Watch as the FishinBC crew (angler Brian the “Anchorman” aka – Ron Bergundy) lands this trophy fish and our excitement as we find out exactly how big this fish is.
Throughout BC a 30 pound salmon is considered a tyee while a 50 is a major trophy and anything above this is the upper percentile of the chinook salmon population and is not unheard of but certainly rare and something to behold. We’ve been fishing salmon for our lifetimes and this is the biggest fish we’ve ever caught. Check out our video and join FishinBC – SUBSCRIBE to our channel for more fishing action, fishing adventures, fishing fails, and fishing related updates.

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