Popping & Jigging in Andamans Islands


Two techniques: Popping & Jigging in Andamans Islands, in chase for dogtooth tuna and of course huge Giant Trevally.
Our second trip on the big blue chasing big GT’s and doggies in the Andaman Islands India.

Another amazing trip in the very capable hands of gamefishingindia. Great weather this time and the fishing didn’t disappoint, loads of surface hits on the poppers. We just need to get better at keeping the hooks in ! Jigging was fun too with some good doggies caught. Check out in the vid what took a 15lbs yellow fin tuna livebait !

Had some nice GT’s to 25Kg, but lost a few much bigger. needed another holiday after a weeks fishing as our arms were dropping off !

Enjoy the video

Popping & Jigging in Andamans Islands

GT or Giant Trevally popper fishing is a fast spreading style of fishing that involves throwing large poppers around the coral reef edge to lure out the hard fighting Giant Trevally. Explosive surface breaking attacks on Poppers will ensure an unforgettable adrenalin rush. These fish are tough fighters and can destroy both angler and equipment.

The basic objective when jigging for bottom fish is to drop the jig to the depths and move it about so it appears to swim erratically or “hop” along the bottom, which is the ideal presentation for catching many bottom-feeding fish, such grouper. Essentially, jigging in this manner is referred to as “vertical” jigging, though vertical jigging does not always entail keeping the jig near the bottom. Again jigging in the Andaman Islands is very extreme and fish like dogtooth tuna test angler and tackle to the max. Jigging rods are made to work heavy jigs at great depths and reels to match the jigs and large fish. [source and charter boats : Gamefishingindia]