Pike vs Rudd


Amazing underwater vid: Pike vs Rudd. We are all waiting for the attack, but the pike is suspicious: will it decide to strike?

The explanations of the filmaker :
For quiet a long time I wanted to film fishing with my underwater camera. So, eventually I tried to do it but it didn’t go well: first time I forgot to clear the memory in my camera, next time 2 fishermen took the spot where I had fed fish for a few days and they didn’t let me stick my rod between them. Then the water level in the canal rose and the fish moved to a different place.
Eventually I filmed something but it wasn’t very impressive. At the same time I was thinking that it would be interesting to film how pike struck but it was obvious that it would be practically impossible to catch such a moment on underwater camera. Once I was filming fishing and I spotted a small rudd very close to the shore – it had some disease on its fins. I caught it with my net and made a quick line without a hook, attached that rudd to it and left it right in front of my camera.
O.k. now the main points: first as I said I didn’t use a hook because I had no intention to catch a pike + I knew that a live baiting was not allowed in Ireland. So, no complaints about the live bait, please! Sure, I tried to feed a small fish to a bigger fish but this is the law of the wild nature: bigger fish eats smaller fish etc. If I didn’t feed that rudd to a pike – that pike would have anyway eaten some other fish, maybe even the same rudd because it was sick. I could kill that rudd before serving it to that pike in order to obey all rules (no live bite, no animal cruelty etc by feeding live fish to a predator) but the result would have been the same – the pike would have anyway eaten some smaller fish that day or the next day. So, I don’t think I did anything bad or wrong especially because I wanted to film and to show all of you how a pike strikes in the wild nature. As a result I filmed something but not actually what I had wanted as you can see when you watch the clip – the pike came close to the rudd but it didn’t strike, and I still can’t understand why. Maybe because the rudd behaved oddly, maybe the pike was full – it’s hard to say. But I got an interesting footage and after I had let the rudd go, it swam away very quickly and I think it will recover and it will live if it has survived the pike’s attack 🙂

(source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9WIX_mvL54) a underwaterireland video