Pike & Perch Fishing with DUO bass lures


Always a pleasure to watch a video from Undewater Ireland. Here, testing of the Duo bass lures (cranks & poppers) on pike and perch.
Lures used: Realis Flatside, Realis Crank 48SR, Realis Popper64, Incubator Rush60, Incubator Rush120 – http://duo-inc.co.jp/en/
No big fish in this video, but that’s not the point. Two constations :

  • Irish lakes are full of fish
  • Duo lures are really effective

“On that day I caught more fish but the video would be too long if I showed them all.
There is no bigger pike in that part of the lake but still I had lots of fun.I could catch all that fish on any of those lures but I wanted to try them all.”