Pike Fishing Rivers in Ireland


The second chapter on river fishing, completes the previous with new spectacular images.

Transported by wind and current, we drift with the boat between the branches and the islands of this ecosystem, waiting for the attack of the great predator.

Fly fishing and spinning for searching pikes that inhabit weedbeds and bends of the Irish rivers.

Pike Fishing Rivers in Ireleand is a short film made by italian fishing guides who own an irish lodge :

We are a group of Italian guys offering pike-fishing guide services in Ireland.
After many years of experience and several explorations we found this very fascinating area where we now run a Lodge hosting fishing lovers from all over Europe.

BlackBay Lodge overlooks Lough Derg, is located in a strategic position close to several fishing spots having different types of water and environmental conditions
We look after our guests during his daily activities: from the selection of the most appropriate lure to the accurate teaching of precise techniques. (…) more on their website: blackbaylodge.com