Marlins Hunting Sardines


Nice underwater video: marlins hunting a school of sardines, alongside other marine predators.
Schools of striped marlin attack sardine schools off Baja California, Mexico. Answers the questions about how these marlin use their bills to feed. This footage was taken in the Fall of 2008 while freediving. Original footage available at: www.

First, the school of forage fish, sardines here, are surrounded and pushed to the surface in a compact mass by the dolphinfish (mahi-mahi).
And then all the predators feast on sardines dolphinfish, but also marlin, tuna, seals, sea lions and even whales!
Each predator has its own hunting technique: see how marlin uses his snout to stun fish before eating them. Well, if you can see, as the marlin is a fish swimming at lightning speed. Fortunately, slow motion shows us this beautiful aquatic ballet.
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