Marlin From Helicopter


Matt Watson tries the latest form of stunt fishing – inspired by one of the greatest fish catching sea birds, the gannet… we’re not sure it’s going to catch on though!
Do not try catching marlin from helicoper, well if dont have a helicopter. And if you are not a stunt performer, as Matt.

About him :
(…) While he’s better known for leaping out of a helicopter to wrestle a marlin, Matt started fishing as most of us do with his father and grandfather as a 3 year old. At just seven years old he became the skipper of his own dinghy and started to terrorise the local fish population on the muddy flats around his home town of Weymouth. As soon as he was old enough (or rather able to haul nets and gut fish) he began to work weekends and school holidays for his uncle as a commercial fisherman. All Matt ever wanted to be was a fisherman, the Mathematics, Accounting, Economics, Geography and other subjects he studied would be virtually useless to him in his chosen career, but Matt stayed on at school regardless. (…) read more on