Tangled Manta Ray Asks For Diver’s Help


Just beautiful moment of peace between man an animal : Manta Ray Asking For Diver’s Help, and being liberated.
We (Thomaz Monteiro and Flavia Passaglia from Brazil) were diving at Bat Islands, Costa Rica, when this peaceful manta came. Brian Thompson (from Canada) gently cut the net fishing and now the manta can live with no pain. Important: We picked up the line. It’s our trophy now! Brian, the diver who cut the line, gave a little piece for all divers there!. Enjoy the video, Thomaz Monteiro.
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Dive Operation: Rocket Frog Divers (http://facebook.com/RocketFrogDivers)
Divers: Thomaz Monteiro, Flavia Passaglia and Brian Thompson
Divemasters: Frankilin Alfaro and Yaser Mendoza
Camera: Thomaz Monteiro
Date: September 8, 2014

Thanks to my fishing buddy Didier for the discovery.