Invasive Carp Hunters


Fighting the Asian carp in Illinois, these guys are the Invasive Carp Hunters.
In the early 80’s, some Cletus from Arkansas decided that it would be a good idea to obtain Silver Carp indigenious only to Asia to clean the catfish pounds. TThis brilliance was short-lives as floods brought them new freedom in the Mississippi river.
Their popiulation exploded and they have been traveling north ever since. They threaten the ecological balance of our natural rivers and are displacing numerous species of native fish. As state governments twiddle their thumbs in anticipation of a solution, these menacing fish are knocking at the door of aour Great Lakes.
Nate and Zate decided to take action and devised a plan. The Asian Carp have had free reign in our waters until a new apex predator showed up.

If you want to join Invasive Carp Hunters in their mission : Bowfishing Charter Website

Zac and Nate battle the invasive species again. We take what we did last year to new heights; employing new weapons, warriors, methodologies, and an unbridled excitement to killing this invasive species.

Music by Epic Score and Jaws (Soundtrack)