How To Release A Fish


Live Release contributes to increasing spawning success and the health of future runs of wild Atlantic salmon. This video offers anglers the opportunity to watch good live release technique and offers clear advice in a variety of situations – all photographed on a magical salmon river. ASF, FQSA and the Quebec Government partnered to produce it.

This video concerns the atlantic salmon, but these tips are valid for all the fish.

How to release a fish

  • Use pinched or barbless hooks.
  • Limit the duration of the fight, especially during warm water periods.
  • Never beach the fish on the shore, use a net or hold it by the tail.
  • Grab it by the tail with one hand and press the other hand under abdomen. Place the fish upstream.
  • If the hook is stuck too deeply in the mouth, just cut the line and leave the hook in.
  • After a long fight, take your time before releasing. Avoid any contact with the eyes and gills.
  • If you take a photo, the fish must be out water for less than 5 seconds !