Girl Handles 2 Fly Rods


Let’s have fun with Meredith McCord, fly fishing for red drum, and handling 2 fly rods, with fishes on!
I’ve been fortunate, thus far in my short career as a fishing guide, to have the opportunity to fish with great people and passionate anglers. Yesterday was no exception. I had the pleasure of spending a day on the water with Meredith McCord, accomplished fly fisher/world-traveler/IGFA record-holder/TV personality/successful businesswoman.

The day was filled with excitement, laughter and redfish (and a bonus sheepshead and black drum). We caught fish all day long and never went more than a few minutes without seeing a fish. We lost count of how many fish landed, but conservatively speaking upwards of 30 redfish on fly landed (may have landed over 40 fish but when the fishing’s this hot stats become a blur).

Fishing is about as good as it gets right now on the Upper Texas Coast…”it’s not even fair”.

Another video with Meredith.