Giant Manta Ray Caught in Peru Spans 26 Foot and Weighs 1,000 kg


Giant manta ray caught: Fishermen stumble across 26 foot (8 meters) manta ray / stingray / that weighs 1,000 kgs in Peru. The sea creature, which also reportedly weighs more than 1,000 kilograms, was allegedly caught by unsuspecting fishermen off the coast of Peru.

The ray got caught up in their net as they trawled for fish in their homemade wooden boat off the shore of the city of Caleta La Cruz.

Franco Vergara, who was supposedly in the boat, said:
‘We were taken completely by surprise when we felt the whole boat shudder and lurch.’

‘We looked over the side and saw this enormous creature below us. I had never seen a manta ray live before.’

No word yet on whether the ray survived or if it was even real.

The largest ray ever recorded was the Atlantic ray with a span of 30ft.

Men aboard the oil-rig servicing vessel in the South Atlantic will have no doubt go the shock of their lives when they noticed the large see creature being hauled up as they were about to set sail.

It is believed the anchor accidentally hit the ray while it was resting on the ocean floor just off Nigeria’s Bonny Island.

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