Forget Me Knot


A nice film about Alaska, people living there in the 4 seasons, and salmon fishing.
The summer of 2012, I dedicated over 100 hours to filming and documenting the experiences that not only I had but also of those who spent time at my family’s camp in Bristol Bay, Alaska; employee and client alike. It depicts and shares, from start to finish, the life that I’ve known from the first few months of my existence. The Alaska state flower is the Forget Me Not, which is the inspiration for the naming of this film. I didn’t do this for any type of compensation, just simply to share and retell the story of an Alaskan summer. Enjoy Forget Me Knot! -Camille

“They move on tracks of never-ending light” -This will destroy you
“Seville” -Pinback
“Memorial” -Explosions in the Sky
“Radioactive” -Imagine Dragons
“Thompson” -The American Dollar
“The world is Our” -This will destroy you
“DEA” -The American Dollar