Flying Mako Shark


Have you ever seen a flying mako shark?
The Flying Mako Fishing Tournament is an event organized to promote the safeguarding of mako shark, and the rules are strict: fly fishing only, barbless hooks, catch & release.
Fly fishing but the Mako can also “fly” as demonstrated on this video: a mako shark, estimated 10 feet (3 meters) long and weighs 400 pounds, runs a dozen prodigious jumps out of the water before escaping.

Great moment of excitement for these young anglers: “Yeaaaahhh” “Oh My Gooood” “Holy Shiiiiit” 🙂

Alex Beck hooks an estimated 10 ft. 800 lbs. Mako on a Fly, during the Flying Mako, a catch and release tournament, with captain Mark Martin, video by Keith Langford.
The Flying Mako, July 20, 2012, off San Diego, California

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