Dolphin Rescue


We’ve all heard stories of dolphins saving people. Here is a dolphin rescue, a great adventure where humans reciprocate this intelligent mammal . On 11 January 2013, a team of divers is filming rays off Hawaii when a bottlenose dolphin came up to them and took a clear stand: he asked for help. The poor creature was tangled in a fishing line, stopping to swim correctly and had a hook stuck in the body. The dolphin positioned himself nicely so that Keller Laros, the plunger may cut the line. He went back a few moments to the surface to breathe and then came back to the end of the “surgery”.
A beautiful moment of communication with our friends the dolphins.

Keller Laros saves dolphin

Keller Laros, aka Manta Man, is a researcher, diving instructor and underwater photographer. He is recognized as the best specialist manta ray in Hawaii.
His website:
Keller thank you for this beautiful moment which proves that man does not just destroy nature.