Dark Lure vs Bright Lure


An interesting experiment, filmed in Ireland, in a transparent water: are trolled alongside two Soft Baits (unarmed). A clear one, the Cannibal Shad from Savage Gear; and a dark one, the Kopyto from Relax. A GoPro under the boat, and we will see who will win the contest. Which one of the two lures, light or dark, will most attract pike, perch and zander ? As a bonus, you have at the end of the video the attacks in slow motion, which is always very horny for any angler 🙂
Dark lure vs bright lure, always a problem for an angler. Of course, this test is absolutely not representative of what appeals predator, the next day trend could be completely reversed.

Another interesting test: Big Lure vs Small Lure
big lure vs small lure, fishing test