Dancing With GT’s


Awesome fishing video, one of the best Giant Trevally clip of this year. Cool music to suggest anglers are dancing with GT’s, and the result is just perfect: I WANT to go fishing in this paradise!
The Seychelles archipelago is the best place in the world for Giant Trevally fishing.
GT mayhem at Cosmoledo atoll and Astove island with the Alphonse Fishing Crew.

A movie by Cpt Jack Films:
(…) In 2006 I started guiding in the Seychelles and have been guiding full time ever since. My guiding resume know includes the notorious outer atolls of the Indian Ocean, namely Cosmoledo, Providence, Astove, Assumption, Farquhar and St Brandon’s. I has spent a large amount of time guiding for Tigerfish on the Zambezi River as well as for South Africa’s indigenous Largemouth and Smallmouth Yellowfish on the Vaal River, which is my local fishery. I have also guided five full seasons in Norway for the infamous Atlantic salmon. I have also completed tree season guiding in Mongolia for monster Taimen…. a fish which has seriously captured his attention!(…)