Cormorant Invasion


This cormorant invasion is recent,  video October 4, and comes from Lake Murten (Murtensee in German) in Switzerland. An impressive flock of cormorants falls down on this small lake (22.8 km2 – 5600 acres). About 1 thousand cormorants: you read it, 1000 cormorants! Diving up to 12 meters deep to eat all the fish.

Cormorant invasion, disaster for fishermen

Knowing that a single cormorant eats 1 pound of fish per day, a thousand birds will exterminate 1000 lbs  in the same day. At this rate, any waterbody will be quickly emptied of all life …
By itself, the cormorant is not a pest bird. But it is a sea bird, and when it ventures into freshwater it commits considerable damage.
And cormorant is a protected species by the Greens and the Brussels Commission: fordidden to hunt it!
Europe says “…to balance safeguarding fish fauna, stocks and fisheries with the conservation of the birds, although striking such a balance may not be easy”. Means: they do nothing for fishermen!