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  • Fisherman vs Drone

    You are quietly engaged in fishing with your mates and a moron hassles you with its f***ing drone. This cursed machine that violates your privacy …. What a pity those fools who think themselves superior because they fly … Fortunately, this Californian fisherman makes a perfect cast and catches the drone in flight. Yeah, good…

  • too drunk to fish compilation video Too Drunk To Fish

    Alcohol is evil, even if it can be fun. In this compilation you’ll see the top 10 of men too drunk to fish. Do not imitate them, fishing is a passion, and it doesn’t have to be soiled by drunkards. Source: L’Esoxiste. An excellent fishing website,if you understand french.

  • This angler is reeling a pike but…. clinging to its tail, is… a turtle! I didn’t know turtles could be carnivorious, I googled and yes some of them are: “A turtle’s diet varies greatly depending on the environment in which it lives. Adult turtles typically eat aquatic plants, invertebrates such as insects, snails and worms;…

  • Pokemon Fishing Pokemon Fishing

    I love this kind of wacky characters revealed by Youtube. This one is japanese and his name is Akira. His speciality is to catch fish with rods for kids: he Akira catches a nice bass with a Pokemon pole! And Akira is very talkative too. I don’t understand japanese, but what he says must be…

  • He goes out fishing, but forgot his fishing rod. What do you this his wife will catch with it? The guy may say “I am a fish”, I think she is cheating on him… A funny commercial that will make you wonder what do your wife when you are out fishing.

  • CGI 3D Animated Short HD: “Elk Hair Caddis” – by The Animation Workshop. A father escapes his stressful life with his many tadpoles to his favourite hideout by the river. His peace and quiet is suddenly disturbed by his neighbour’s attempt to catch the fish of his dreams. The Elk Hair Caddis is a dry…

  • scuba bass fishing underwater video Scuba Bass Fishing

    That’s not spearfishing, but just fishing underwater, and it’s quite funny. Bass are curious fish: watch their baheviour in this underwater video. Instead of fleeing away, they gather around the plunger: “what is this strange fish?” That happened in Upper Niagara River, and the bass took the jig at the feet of the diver!

  • Manatees are gentle and fully harmless animals. But when you cross a giant manatee swimming near you, it can be scary. The reaction of this young is still a bit excessive 🙂 Another funny video: Girl scared by the fish she caught:

  • A Russian fisherman had the bad idea to put his hand into the mouth of an anglerfish. The dentition of this fish is impressive. Two rows up and three down, canines sharp and turned backwards, to prevent leakage of what was bitten. Namely the fisherman, who seem to suffer martyrdom, and whose colleague must use…

  • fishing lure for mermaids Lure for Mermaids

    For this April Fool’s Day a fishing lure brand designed this exclusive model, special mermaid fishing. Admire the swimming action! I’m sure if they were marketing this lure, they would sell a lot because it’s fun. More seriously, this brand is called Realwobbler and you can find their products here.

  • Ok they caught a tuna, now it’s time to take a picture. But the fish wriggles like an epileptic! And the laugh of the fisherman is epilectic too, and so contagious 🙂 Update Someone tells me: “How is this a a selfie when the other guy is taking the picture?” Wells, that’s right. I’m too…

  • Steve-O from the Jackass team in a great (and stupid) feat. He begins to jam a large fishing hook through his cheek. Well, not so easy and quite paintul, his friend must help him. Then he jumps into the ocean where they had dumped chum to attract various species of sharks. That was a bad…

  • fishing with shovel Fishing With Shovel

    Those Russians! Instead of fishing with a rod like everyone, they use an excavator. In any case this should not be considered as a sport. Source: Onic  

  • The mahi-mahi or common dolphinfish or dorado (Coryphaena hippurus) : how not to fish it. These guy are all wrong, why are they trying to knock the fish with an oar? It looks like they are afraid! Mahi mahi is smarter than fishermen and takes the opportunity to escape. Well done.

  • women fishing man in Russia Women Fishing For Man

    Women fishing man, or rather fishing for beefcake in catch & release, a russian technique. In this hilarious video, two ladies catch a awesome man, but taking the measure of what you think, they realize that it is too small. Hilarious Russian video: two women are fishing for… man! Very frustrated after measuring what must…

  • ice fishing fail Ice Fishing Fail

    Hilarious ice fishing fail from Russia. A reminder that fishing is a matter of concentration and focus. Too bad for the angler who loses his gear. Too bad for the pike who will die….

  • Such as Amazon, which announced (for fun) drone delivery, parodies multiply. Here the beer brand Lakemaid offers a dream service for Americans ice fishermen : you order with GPS coordinates, and a drone delivers in your ice fishing hut a beer box. The Latest Advancement in Ice Fishing From Lakemaid Beer Great ice fishing news for…

  • Just for fun, the sweedish teens are fishing with fireworks . No fish were harmed. Another video, and not for fun: dynamite fishing in Lebanon   (source: onic)

  • Lake Trout Funk

    After their parody of Somebody That I Used To Know (watch here), the Uncut Angling team offers us another great performance. Based on Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars, here is Lake Trout Funk ft. Cole Trudeau

  • A foul hooked Shad decided to give payback to the unfortunate fisherman that caught it. Etienne, Umdloti Stretch, KZN, South Africa. Everyone is laughing out loud on the boat.

  • News reporter suprised when the fish she’s holding jumps out of her hands. A series of disasters and a hearty laugh. Must be fun to be on a fishing boat with this friendly lady 🙂 Another blonde on a boat:

  • You spend all your money to buy exensive fishing lures? Watch this Russian angler catching a pike with a carrot! Very environmentally friendly and quite economical: bright carrot!

  • Funny parody by ASalineSolution (Funny stuff for to make-a you laugh, from the warped minds and amateur filming capabilities of a fat guy and his friends.) Right here’s a light-hearted parody of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”– be sure to check out the original:   Special thanks to Brian and crew at Fish On…

  • OK, this can happen to anybody: a bad strike, a wrong way to hook the fish when it bites, and you break your fishing rod. More fun when it happens to another one and you can make fun on him of Youtube 🙂 Another funny wrong strike video  

  • Everyone knows this beautiful song “Somebody That I Used To Know”, but this fishing version is totally crazy. Eating worms, pricking hooks in the face, all that with a perfect timing. A great performance! All credit and rights for the music in this video go to the artist Gotye. This is a music video done…

  • Maverick the fisherman’s German Shepherd goes fishing with his dad. Truly interesd by the dolphins swimming around the boat, he jumps overboard! Always a lot a fun going fishing with your dog. Swimming with Dolphins It’s a fun activity for all family, a beautiful discovery of a very friendly sea mammal. Many charters organize trips…

  • After Pancho, the thief sea lion (watch here), another clever sea lion from Cabo. This adorable animal pursues a fishing boat to get what he consisders as his toll. Want more? A fishing cat 🙂

  • Oh my god it’s a SHARK, SHAAAARK, A SHAAAARK, A BIG ASS SHAAAARK!!! Shark attack! 1. Bull shark 2. Cherry grove myrtle beach in the sound. 3. The seagull squawking was saving the lives of people swiming in the water. 4. There was a 5lb red drum on the line. This video already has 15…

  • idiots on boat, funny video Idiots on Boats

    Not fishing, but very fun, when idiots are on boats: a compilation of all possible bullshit on boat, bass boat, sailboat,…. A Police outboard  hitting a boater, falls into the water (blondes inside), a sailboat mast breaking under a bridge, a big boat that really goes into the port. … There are lots of sequences…

  • A Russian Fisherman Catching a Pike with a Pentax Camera as Lure! OK, pike can bite anything shining passing by. But this homemade lure is astounding: a Pentax undewater camera as fishing lure! This russian angler fixes a hook on the waterproof camera, operates it as any lure and BANG: a big pike, while the…

  • Real Anglers Never Give Up. Look at this one: he lost the fish. Tries again: bad stike, the rod falls down into the water. No problem, he just dives, gets back the rod, and reels again. The fish is still on! Finally, it escape, but a good lesson: never give up!

  • A video that I shot while on holidays in the Kimberly region of Western Australia of a dog swimming and then diving down and biting a shark on the tail. Also shows a Dugong that has been speared by the local Bardi tribesmen who are the traditional land owners and are still legally allowed to…

  • invasive carp hunters vs asia carps Invasive Carp Hunters

    Fighting the Asian carp in Illinois, these guys are the Invasive Carp Hunters. In the early 80’s, some Cletus from Arkansas decided that it would be a good idea to obtain Silver Carp indigenious only to Asia to clean the catfish pounds. TThis brilliance was short-lives as floods brought them new freedom in the Mississippi…

  • fishing with red bull lure Fishing with Red Bull

    Stop spending your money to buy lures: DIY. And Fishing with Red Bull is fun. An empty Red Bull can, a hook, and you get a free popper that catches GT ! You’ve senn the teeth marks? Wow! Red Bull energy drink gives wings to Giant Trevally.

  • Dog vs. Shark: Cute Dog Maymo Fights Inflatable Shark. In preparation for Shark Week, Maymo battles a remote controlled shark. At first the cute dog is terrified of the shark floating above him. However, as per usual, Maymo’s sense of wonder and playfulness take over, and it isn’t long before he’s using his signature ninja…

  • Two girls are playing on a beach with a dead fish, kind of “spank me with a fish, darling, it’s so swag”.  But the fish gets stuck by a fin in girl’s thigh, who starst screaming like a sow. Yeah, must know that catfish have barbs. Must be a clever crew, because you can hear…

  • During a fishing competition in Belgium, an angler completly pissed is interviewed by television. Unable to articulate any correct sentence, the drunk fisherman vomits and falls down into water. Under laughs of other competitors, as drunk as himself. That gives a pretty good image of both fishermen and Belgium 🙂 Music: “Four Beers’ Polka” Kevin…

  • 2 Year old girl’s first catch and release. The name of this fish is a sailors choice..that..appareently is because people have so many different names for this type of fish. In salt water here in Florida this would also be a pin fish. They hit hard and are a good fight. Well done, adorable Karley.

  • shark fishing and shark surfing Shark Surfing

    Dude goes out surfing with a white shark This surfer is filmed being dragged along by a fishing line after baiting a shark with chunks of bloodied steak. Is it real or fake? We don’t know, but quite impressive. Cutest: a baby seal on a longboard  

  • Funny big game fishing clip. Weirdest fish ever caught. Steve Edge hooks speeding Ferrari!  Fisherman catches Ferrari in a London street. This eccentric Englishman is a designer and a fisherman, always dressed for fishing. And if you are in France and want a Ferrari driving experience: book here  

  • cute baby say fish Say Fish

    Learning to talk is tough. I can’t say fish! Cute and funny video, out of the mouths of babes…

  • Look at my fishing! I got many fish, and an ASPE, look at my beautiful aspe….. MY ASPE ESCAPED! OH MY GOD! Funny reaction when the boastful russian fisherman is losing his aspe.

  • kid first fish Kid’s First Fish

    Funny video of cute little Teddy catching his first fish. The fish Teddy named “Free” was released back into the water. The 3 year old boy has always loved adventures and has watched videos and clips with people catching fish however, he had never been on a fishing trip until now. Teddy loves all kinds…

  • Lego my fly Lego My Fly

    Fly tying lego stop motion with a painted lady bugger. A nice and funny animation. Ever wonder what happens at your fly tying desk at night? Lego caracters do your job! Another Lego fishing animation    

  • International Spy Museum Washington, D.C. funny shark attack on grandma. 3 conclusions: Always wear clean panties Do not put sharks in prison Learn how to hold a camera phone, never in portrait!

  • 4 rednecks on a fishing boat in Mississippi. The engine not wanting to start, one of them wants to put starter fluid in it. But he is wrong and uses the mosquito spray. Boom! Huge boat engine explosion, and 3 men overboard!

  • WOW Fish on boat & man overboard. All this happens in only 50 seconds: fish on => fish on the boat => man overboard! source : That happened in Australia, off Cairns, during a big game fishing trip. A huge marlin leaps in the boat and a crewman  just has the time to jump…


  • Lego fishing animation Lego Fishing

    A man has a bad day of fishing…but he still gets the catch of the day! If like many of us you played Lego when kid, you’ll enjoy this funny slow motion animation with a Lego fishing man.  

  • Today begins the  FIFA World Cup, opportunity to see this funny fishing football celebration. When Halldor Orri scores a great goal he decides to go fishing and catch on his mate Johann Laxdal or Johann the salmon. The game was Stjarnan against Fylkir in the top league in Iceland and the goal was the winning…

  • screaming fish Screaming Fish!!!

    Surprising and quite gore vid: screaming fish, dying on a dock. Very well done short vid, some mackerels out of water with sounds from human voices crying and screaming. Thanks to Horse Head Vaï for this WTF vid.  

  • fake casting fail Fake Casting Fail

    Wanna get 1.5 million views on Youtube? Pretend to fall into the water cast your line, and call the video “Epic Fishing Fail” This is fake as a 3 dollars bill!

  • Just breaking rods in this funny vid, funny because if didn’t happen to you. Sometimes the rod broke by the strength of the fish, but most often by angler’s mistake. If you are sadistic, count for how many dollars were destroyed in this video.

  • Pancho the clever sea lion steals fish from fisherman’s hand, a funny footage after fishing 🙂 Local fisherman call him Pancho WHILE FILMING THE CHEF ON THE WATER AT LOS CABOS FOR THE MEXICO TRAVEL CHANNEL IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE GO TO ASOBONLINE.COM This is what happened when Mike “The Griz” Ritz –…

  • How To Fish, with Goofy. A Disney cartoon of 1942.

  • Jazzy on a dock introducing herself to the first fish she has ever seen…. then it spooks her! An adorable Fox Terrier meets Fish, and a funny gag 🙂

  • Crazy Laugh Fishing Kid Crazy Laugh Fishing

    This is a video of Samuel at about two years old bass fishing in our pond in Natchez. I don’t know what he thought was so funny but we still laugh at this video today. Maybe he thought the lure was a prank. Every time he did a good cast he busted out in some…

  • teeth short film, the story of a denture The Denture

    The Muppet Show 2 Old Guys Gone Fishing 🙂 Teeth – short film, story of a denture : Directed by John Kennedy & Ruairí O’Brien. Produced by Divamedia in association with the Irish Film Board. Music by Giles Packham. Edited by Phillip Cullen. Shot on location in Glendalough Co Wicklow. Post production Windmill Lane Dublin….

  • Watch your step when striking a fish, you could end into the water 🙂

  • pike leaps on shore, funny fishing video Pike Leaps On Shore

    The pike that doesn’t want to be released, maybe il fell in love with this lady ? Nope, there’s a bigger pike waiting to devour it, and small pike leaps on shore to avoid being devoured. A funny footage, featuring “Jumping Jack Pike”. Nobody was injured.