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  • What means fishing for you: catching fish or having fun with some good friends? These four young Swedes have all of that, they catch (and release) nice trouts while joking, pranking, laughing. You don’t have to understerand sweedish to see they are happy together.

  • Always a pleasure to share a new Todd Moen’s video. As always, everything is perfect: images, music, and of course the fish. Camera and Edit by Todd Moen: “Each July, I find myself heading back to my home state of Montana. Over the past 15 years, many of these trips have included an adventure with…

  • This movie summarizes in 19 minutes the 4 weeks fishing trip in New Zealand of these lucky guys. Of course we see wild brown trout, but also the beautiful landscapes of this fishing paradise. This video is a little gem, with some of the most epic struggles with trouts I’ve ever seen. Just after seeing…

  • Aurivilli

    Two friends Fly Fishing with Ephemerella Aurivilli in Norway. Happiness and friendship, during a perfect fishing day. Fundamentalists of “catch and release” will be horrified: “Shocking! They eat a trout”. Yes they do. This happens in Scandinavia, and instead of criticizing, pay you a fishing trip out there.

  • troute takes in video Trout Takes

    This fly fisherman made a compilation of trout takes during a fishing season, and it’s beautiful.

  • fly fishing for GT's at Cosmoledo Dancing With GT’s

    Awesome fishing video, one of the best Giant Trevally clip of this year. Cool music to suggest anglers are dancing with GT’s, and the result is just perfect: I WANT to go fishing in this paradise! The Seychelles archipelago is the best place in the world for Giant Trevally fishing. GT mayhem at Cosmoledo atoll…

  • praise of slowness, fly fishing video Praises of Slowness

    Our modern world is too fast, too many work, too many computers, screens, social netwoks… We have no time to deal with ourselves. Except maybe when fishing. This short clip is a praise to slowness, such as the concept of ‘slow food’, but here in fly fishing. Beautiful images in France by 9p#5 Média from…

  • Jungle Poon

    Early in the morning in Nicaragua. As you know, most predators prefer to eat at sunrise and sunset, good time to go fishing. Peter Christensen goes for tarpon and attends this show: a big, very big one, in feeding frenzy. He just has to cast once, and…. OMG, never seen such a poon attack!.

  • After Fall and Winter, here his the 3rd achievement of this series about steelhead fishing along the seasons. Spring his here, but it’s still chilly in Pacific Northwest. Brrr…. too cold for me…. “Todd Moen’s “Run” series is the most amazing compilation of steelhead fly fishing short films ever made. Spring Run, the third in…

  • Capt. Blair heads down to the Florida Keys to fly fish for tarpon with Capt. Barry Meyers. They will catch a huge tarpon, too heavy too pull into the boat. But also some other fish, such as a big cobia, and a hammerhead shark.

  • Lotte aka the Reelgirl is back in Slovenia. This time she got a drone, to share with us the beautiful landscapes of this country. I like her philosophy: “As the title says, sometimes you win, and sometimes the fish wins. Anyway, this doesn’t really matter. Lovely landscapes, spectacular rivers and friendly people make up for…

  • The Pyrenees are a mountain range between France and Spain. In these mountain rivers (called “gaves”) fish that the guys from Bearnishfly. Access to the river is often dangerous, difficult, but the reward is at the end of the road: beautiful  and huge trouts rising and biting flies.

  • Natural Soundtrack fishing video Natural Soundtrack

    I do not understand the Y generation who go fishing with earphones: insulated in their own world, they are depriving themselves of the sounds of nature. And most fishing videos think they must spoil great pictures with a screaming music, and it ruins everything. What a treat with this short clip in natural soundtrack! Just…

  • This woman is a fly fishing guide in Moraine Park, Colorado. Watch her fishing while a bull elk comes to drink in the same stream. The kind of magic encounter you can have in the wild.

  • “Fish are jumping out“, sang the great Janis in Summertime. As fan of both fly fishing videos and Janis Joplin, I had a great pleasure with this short clip called “96”. Rising trouts on the Dora Baltea, Italy, with background sound Summertime. The lyrics of this song: Summertime, time, time, Child, the living’s easy. Fish…

  • The craziest moments can happen when you are fly fishing for Tarpon. This short video clip was shot on-location at Isla Blanca, Yucatan. Another fish leaping into boat, but a more impressive one, a 40 lb barracuda:

  • Often, it’s in small streams that you can catch the largest trouts. Another great flyfishing video (source Youtube) by Gilbert Rowley : “Wyoming has excellent fishing. Euro nymphing is a great way to catch fish. Put them together and great things can happen. My friend Kohler and I spent a fun summer day catching some…

  • When you read: Montana + Fly Fishing + Todd Moen, you can be sure you’ll watch an awesome video. FOR SALE: Season #2 DVD – Best of Catch Magazine Videos.

  • A very nice and rhythmic video by BlackBay. I appreciate the little animation in the beginning, streamers rank of themselves in the box, they seem in a hurry to go fishing. Here is the other part of this video: fly tying the steramers, and go fishing huge pike: These videos were released by Black Bay,…

  • Always a pleasure to watch a new video by the french team Bearnishfly. They use to fish in the beautiful Bearn, the french Basque country. Maybe the spot in France where you can find the largest wild brown trouts. Nice images of this wild landscape, and you’ll enjoy the rising trouts.

  • Humans have to respect the nature and the trout have to respect the fly fishers. If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again. This blonde Swede misses repeatedly trout, because too much slack in the line. That happens to all of us, making us believe that the fish has no respect. But she…

  • hooke top 10 Hooké Top 10

    That’s a good idea by the canadian fishing team Hooké: a video editing of their 10 most beautiful fishes. #1 is a huge chinook salmon (40 lbs!) caught in Patagonia, followed by 9 other outstanding monster fihes! “Here’s the video countdown of the top ten greatest fish we’ve ever caught! Digging into some of our…

  • Testify is a visual poem adapted from the essay “Testament of a Fisherman” published in 1964 by Michigan author John Voelker. Over 50 years later we filmed this video on and around the author’s home waters of Marquette County on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula because we believe the pure trout waters and relaxed pace of life…

  • in our time In Our Time

    In Our Time is a beautiful video by Amelia & Dave Jensen, a friendly couple that live for fly fishing. They own the Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine and spend their time between Alberta and New Zealand.

  • born to fly BORN TO FLY

    Alessandro Benussi one of the most rapresentative italian snowboarder of the last decade and great fly fishing angler is the character of this movie filmed in Les Deux Alpes and around there. These two sports seem very different , but they give the same strong emotions connected with air and flight . Written, filmed and…

  • sight fishing trout Sight Fishing Trout

    A perfect moment, lived and shared by Dave & Amelia Jensen : observing, catching and releasing a “quiet beauty”, such a beautiful brown trout. “We live for those intimate moments. I’m sure you’ve heard us say that before. The obvious point in saying that is the intimacy of some of the video we share. The…

  • A River Runs Through It, this Robert Redford’s movie that initiated so many vocations for fly fishing. Because it’s a story of transmission, of passion. In this short footage, the best moment of the film, Brad Pitt fighting the ‘perfect trout’. “At that moment I knew, surely and clearly, that I was witnessing perfection. He…

  • A nice Fly Fishing Video in slow motion by ArcticSilver Innovation, a new brand committed to creating innovative and iconic fly fishing products: “We’re extremely pleased to announce that – among a select few, this film was chosen to be a part of the recent IF4 Tour in North America. The international Fly Fishing Film…

  • Where to fish in British Columbia? On the SKEENA river: – THE BIGGEST AND MEANEST STEELHEADS IN THE WORLD! Holy smoke, those Skeena fish are really hot. Back home after a fantastic BC. Trip. Columbus Leth and I managed to land 30 big Steelies (Most fish was Sea liced). Two fish was 20 lbs and…

  • Phipps lives in a fisherman’s shack in Tasmania that his family’s owned all his life. His front garden is a giant lake, brimming with 9lb trout; his neighbours are wedge-tailed eagles and possums and tiger snakes. This is a day in Phipps’ beautiful, quiet world. What a beautiful life, far from cities. The wisdom of…

  • In this short Simms fly fishing video, Jake Dodd catching trout on dry flies during a golden stone and salmonfly hatch. Jake fishes a fly called a “chubby” with a great stonefly profile – a good dry fly to fish when there are various stonefly species hatching.

  • trout is all Trout is all

    Trout Is All, by the Frontsidefly team. film&edit: Rolf Nylinder Some leftovers shots from a trip to “övre vindelälven/ the upper Vindel River” the tune: “Love is all” by “the tallest man on earth” A  Vimeo Staff Pick, for its quality.

  • father and son Father and Son

    Father and son, an emotional tribute from a son to his dead father. I was ambivalent about sharing this video publicly, but my Mother asked me to do it, so I will follow her judgment. I made this video with and for my father, Larry Zander, who died a few weeks ago, on May 27,…

  • A fishing video by Todd Moen is always synonymous with perfection, whether in image quality or by the intelligence of the comment. Yes, perfection, as said Norman Maclean in the scene of Brad Pitt’s huge trout, in A River Runs Through It. “Fall Run” is the ultimate Pacific Northwest steelhead adventure. This is the true…

  • Three friends fly fishing on the Missouri River. Cool music and beautiful images of this magic river. Have you noticed all insects upon the water?

  • Here are some shots from the coming season of The New Fly Fisher to air on PBS, WFN, and other broadcasters. Enjoy these topwater fantasy! Where to watch The New Fly Fisher The New Fly Fisher is broadcast across Canada and the United States, available to millions of households through numerous networks and television stations….

  • “OMG” is an awesome baby tarpon on the fly video. Nice images, perfect mounting and cool music. Great job by Dan Decibel: “This a baby Tarpon Video that I submitted to the “Poonfecta Fishing Tournament and Film/Art Festival” that was hosted by BARFLY SAFETY HARBOR. I ended up winning the film festival with this film….

  • Fishing in Ireland, during late april. Trout coming up on buzzers and olives …. In this beautiful movie, all is dark and grey, as Ireland can be in spring.  Time for hatching mayfly, and thousands of them are on the lake, appealing trouts to rise and rise again.

  • This little boy is a Mozart of fly fishing: only 8 year old and he catches and releases two atlantic salmons in a day!  Watch the way he casts, like a boss! This happened on the Datmouth river in Quebec, Gaspe region, fly fishing with his dad.

  • A fly fishing for trout MUST SEE. Wait4itfilms displays exciting late fall chironomid action in the interior of British Columbia. A “how to” section is included in concerns to tying a nail knot without any tool (uni knot).

  • YouthFish YouthFish

    Joe Cummings, fishing guide in Montana: “I decided to share the Salmonfly Hatch on Rock Creek with my children this season. I looked up after 14 seasons as a fishing guide and realized their youth was passing by too quickly with me on the oars with clients instead of with them. So I took the…

  • “Oh my God, this fish is bigger than I thought!!” The fish of a lifetime: Matt Heron’s brown trout, 30 inches, caught on the fly in a small stream by lake Tahoe. Happy fly fisherman, and wtaching this video we also are happy for him. Matt Heron,, teaches us how it’s done.

  • Lego my fly Lego My Fly

    Fly tying lego stop motion with a painted lady bugger. A nice and funny animation. Ever wonder what happens at your fly tying desk at night? Lego caracters do your job! Another Lego fishing animation    

  • In this episode of FLY TV, Niklaus Bauer and Micke Nilsson are in the Northern parts of Sweden fishing for monster pikes with fly. It’s late in the spring and most of the fish has already spawned and are now true killing machines. Niklaus and Micke are fishing in really shallow waters of a river…

  • Eoin Fairgrieve advanced spey casting demo Advanced Spey Casting

    The double-handed fly-casting, or Spey Casting is a technique most used for salmon or steelhead. Loop’s Speycasting Consultant and World Team Speycasting Champion, Eoin Fairgrieve demonstrating some advanced spey casting techniques at his teaching centre in Scotland. That’s just perfection in speycasting: Loop’s New Opti Power Spey Rod in Action. Watch the beauty of gestures…

  • The way this guy holds his fly fishing rod, as a jigging rod: not surprising it breaks! Don’t your put your hand above the cork! The rod was a priceless LOOP Opti Power 9′ # 12

  • Beautiful images from Denmark, where a team of fly fisherman have pleasure with scandinavian sea trouts. Smelling his fingers, one guy perfectly sums up the fishing trip: “now I smell like I ought to”.

  • In tributary of Lake Ontario, a fishing for Chinook Salmon , the King: with streamer, a festival of fighting with all these beautiful beasts that will be released. For thrill seekers and wholesale combative fish. Hapyness at the end of the lines

  • carp fly fishing Carp Fly Fishing

    A great video of carp fishing fly. Magical, how this Korean fisherman catches and releases big carps. This boy is a great fisherman, he has a real sense of the river and fish. We are under the spell, we hope you will be too. You will feel the charm of Fly fishing for carp from…

  • Just fishing action and nothing more in this short promotion for Greasy Beaks Fly Fishing. Greasy Beaks is a full service flyfishing and light tackle charter business serving the North Shore and coastal New England – from Ipswich Bay down to the Long Island Sound.  We run trips for Striped Bass, Bluefish and the notorious False…

  • Yes, this is the second trailer we share for “Tapâm – a flyfishing journey”. Because this fishing movie is just awesome! If you missed it, the fist trailer is here.

  • If you have never seen “Tapâm – a flyfishing journey” you know nothing about tarpon. Watch this guy in his small float tube, fighting with jumping tarpons. The very essence of sport fishing. Short version of “Tapâm – a flyfishing journey” Winner of the 5th Annual Drake Video Awards 2010 “Best Fishing”. Produced by Daniel…

  • 5 minute trailer for the soon to be released DVD “Reyes del Rio”: Golden Dorado on the Fly The problem is that we can’t find the movie nowhere on the Net, and the related website is off. Enjoy anyway these images.

  • An amazing video, of just one day in Christmas Island, with Peter Collingsworth catching many GT’S on fly to over 100lb. This amazing HD video shows how to cast, hook and land these amazing fish. If you ever wanted to catch GT’S on the fly Peter hosts group trips there to our exclusive lodge every…

  • eternal summer, a fly fishing vid Eternal Summer

    Poor nordic guys, always dreaming of an Eternal Summer…. Music: “Tapdance”, composed by Tapani Toivanen and performed by Jazz & Fly Fishing Do you know Jazz & Fly Fishing ? The story of Jazz & Fly Fishing is a pretty unlikely story. It all started with one man´s frustration: On his tours in the Nordic…

  • change of pace fly fishing video Change of Pace

    Change of pace for these three fishing guide. They leave only the 3 of them, without customers, into the wild. Just for the pleasure, facing big brown trouts, among buddies.

  •   Shot by Shaptail Media on the Missouri River near Craig, Montana, Sipping Dry movie attempts to articulate the true essence of dry fly fishing in a setting many consider to be one of the dry fly capitals of the world. The full-length version will be featured in the 2012 Fly Fishing Film Tour ( Feature…

  • Breaking the surface is all about atlantic salmon going for the dry fly. No more, no less: pure passion. Location: St. Lewis River, Labrador, Canada. The Loop Tackle brand manufactures rods, reels and lines: the top for fly fishing.