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  • Do you think ladies need such a bossy teacher to know how to behave on a river? Girls, come fishing with us as you are: “Quiet, Clean & Dry” This funny clip is by Montana Fishing Guide and was shot on Wolf Creek Montana, Missouri River, and Missoula, Montana.

  • Lotte aka the Reelgirl is back in Slovenia. This time she got a drone, to share with us the beautiful landscapes of this country. I like her philosophy: “As the title says, sometimes you win, and sometimes the fish wins. Anyway, this doesn’t really matter. Lovely landscapes, spectacular rivers and friendly people make up for…

  • This woman is a fly fishing guide in Moraine Park, Colorado. Watch her fishing while a bull elk comes to drink in the same stream. The kind of magic encounter you can have in the wild.

  • Lotte Aulom, aka The Reelgirl, is a pretty norwegian fisherwoman. She summed up in this little film her 2013 season: trouts, graylings, that will be released after a kiss and a big smile. Two more videos by The Reelgirl:

  • Manatees are gentle and fully harmless animals. But when you cross a giant manatee swimming near you, it can be scary. The reaction of this young is still a bit excessive 🙂 Another funny video: Girl scared by the fish she caught:

  • The pretty Darcizzle catching snook in Florida. I like Darcie’s videos, this girl is good in fishing and very friendly. Who is she? “Darcie aka Darcizzle has been on the water since the age of 3 when she started tagging along with her father fishing and lobstering on an 18′ Gheenoe out of Miami, Florida;…

  • jetski jigging girl Jetski Jigging Girl

    This young lady fishing in jetski is a champion. You can see she’s used to jigging: look at her arms! This day she doesn’t catch so big, but small kingfish are better than no fish. And a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work.

  • Humans have to respect the nature and the trout have to respect the fly fishers. If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again. This blonde Swede misses repeatedly trout, because too much slack in the line. That happens to all of us, making us believe that the fish has no respect. But she…

  • women fishing man in Russia Women Fishing For Man

    Women fishing man, or rather fishing for beefcake in catch & release, a russian technique. In this hilarious video, two ladies catch a awesome man, but taking the measure of what you think, they realize that it is too small. Hilarious Russian video: two women are fishing for… man! Very frustrated after measuring what must…

  • sight fishing trout Sight Fishing Trout

    A perfect moment, lived and shared by Dave & Amelia Jensen : observing, catching and releasing a “quiet beauty”, such a beautiful brown trout. “We live for those intimate moments. I’m sure you’ve heard us say that before. The obvious point in saying that is the intimacy of some of the video we share. The…

  • How happy is this Montana Matt: he goes fishing with 3 blondes: his wife Tracy and 2 Golden Retrievers. I must tell you that I have the same dog and she is an angel. Before, I had a blonde girlfriend, she was NOT an angel… Follow Tracy Moore with Montana Matt on a beautiful Fall…

  • Oh my god it’s a SHARK, SHAAAARK, A SHAAAARK, A BIG ASS SHAAAARK!!! Shark attack! 1. Bull shark 2. Cherry grove myrtle beach in the sound. 3. The seagull squawking was saving the lives of people swiming in the water. 4. There was a 5lb red drum on the line. This video already has 15…

  • The official music video for Craig Campbell’s new, hit single, “Fish.” Featuring World Fishing Network’s Mariko Izumi. The song’s rhyming scheme implies the word “f***”, which is replaced at the last second by “fish” Craig Campbell “Fish” Lyrics The first time we did it I was scared to death She snuck out in that cotton…

  • Good fun and good fly fishing in the company of a passionate and smiling woman, Genevieve.

  • Let’s have fun with Meredith McCord, fly fishing for red drum, and handling 2 fly rods, with fishes on! I’ve been fortunate, thus far in my short career as a fishing guide, to have the opportunity to fish with great people and passionate anglers. Yesterday was no exception. I had the pleasure of spending a…

  • First Florida Keys Tarpon with Capt. Paul Tejera – Meredith Mc Cord Fighting huge tarpon. 30 minutes of struggle with a 85 lbs tarpon, without losing her sense of humor. Well done, Miss: epic fight, huge poon and nice release.

  • merman Real Life Merman

    You fantasize about mermaids? Will you fantasize also on this lovely merman voluptuously swimming with manatees? WTF? Well, if mermaids exist, there must have some males…. Anyway, this could be my next outfit for spearfishing, to remain discreet among fish.

  • Sometimes things goes a way you did’nt expect them to do. A video that seems very simple, but a great sense of shooting and editing. Another due to the talent of  

  • Join us on an adventure to the Missouri River in Craig Montana. Montana Matt, Tracy Moore and Saint X Steve join the Trout Porn team for a two day adventure!! Enjoy Trout Missouri River Trip 🙂 Il like this vid, because it’s full of happiness, and for the 2 cute Retrievers such as mine. Montana…

  • Deschutes River Fly Fishing woman having fun with salmonflies.

  • Cool, Sergio Leone’s spirit is back: a male/female duel with fishing rods in Montana, by Ben Pierce. Christine and I filmed this at one of our favorite spring creeks during opening weekend of the Montana fishing season. May Lost Creek always remain lost.  

  • lake geneva pikes, the biggest in Europe. Barbara caught a big one for Berkley Lake Geneva Pikes

    Between France and Switzerland, it is the largest European lake and the largest natural lake in Western Europe. So it is not surprising to find there the biggest pikes, exceeding one meter. In this video, Barbara Mogore and Kevin Hernandez, Berkley France team, do good catches. We can only admire Barbara, who while fishing these Lake…

  • thai fishing girl catches huge fish in bungsamran fishing park Thai Fishing Girl

    Watch this Thai fishing girl fighting a huge Mekong Catfish. Bungsamran Fishing Park, Bangkok, is one of the largest in Thailand with an area of 98000 square metres and an average depth of 4 to 10m. It is filled with more than 50 kinds of both carnivorous and herbivorous game fish. If you go to…

  • girl scared by fish she caught, funny vid Girl Scared By Fish

    Fishing for the first time of her life, this girl is terrified by the salmon se caught. Screaming and shouting as if she was about to die! AAHHHAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAA HIIIIII HIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII Would you bring this girl scared by fish in a fishing trip? Fortunately, all girls are not like this: look at this Thai woman  

  • reelgirl slovenia Reelgirl in Slovenia

    She’s blonde and friendly, good in fly fishing. She’s norvegian, her name is Lotte, but she calls herself “reelgirl”. Enjoy Reelgirl Slovenia fly fishing. Another video in Slovenia: