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  • He goes out fishing, but forgot his fishing rod. What do you this his wife will catch with it? The guy may say “I am a fish”, I think she is cheating on him… A funny commercial that will make you wonder what do your wife when you are out fishing.

  • Hilarious commercial for a fishing shop in Germany. She’s ready for a good night of sex, but the husband is a fisherman, and he enjoys solitary pleasures.  

  • illex commercial ILLEX Commercial

    Whatever the season, Whatever the place, One Lure, …… ILLEX Illex is a french brand providing rods and fishing lures highly popular among sport fishermen.

  • matrix shad video Matrix Shad Testing

    A nice commercial for the Matrix Shad fishing lure. This soft plastic bait is tested on 3 species: Speckled Trout, Redfish & Flounder. Underwater footage on a cool soundtarck “Sexy and I Kow It” by LMFAO. Check out for online ordering

  • You’re in jail and want to escape? Use a Rapala lure! You’re at work and want to escape? Go fishing with Rapala lures! Another hilarious Rapala ad

  • Hilarious commercial for Jobsintown, a job seeking website. Our site is more about angling as a passion, but don’t forget that fisherman is a profession, that doesn’t fit to anyone. This man should better be a clown than a fisherman.

  • fish are cunning Fish Are Cunning

    A brillant illustration of the fight with a fish: both man and fish are boxing, but one seems smarter 🙂 Fish are cunning! “Oooooh shiny” Hilarious commercial for a New Zealand’s online store for fishing gear.

  • Introducing the new Rapala Scatter Rap®… a lure worth fighting for! When there’s just One Rapala lure left in the shop, anglers fight each other 🙂 Another crazy Rapala ad:

  • In a few year, Gopro has been praised by anglers, to shoot their fishing trip. Here is the presentation clip for the new GoPro Hero4, avaliable soon. All around the world GoPro users are capturing incredible experiences, from the heart-stopping to the heartfelt. Into the caldron of an active volcano, the neon streets of Japan,…

  • A TV spot for Dominion / A&P.

  • DAIWA 2014 EXTREME MOVIE : a promotional video in which we see almost no fish, but the Daiwa gear in action. The Daiwa brand rods, reels, clothes,… in both freshwater & saltwater. And the Daiwa logo everywhere!

  • Scotland: the country of fly fishing and whishey. In this funny ad, a fisherman saves his village by hooking the keys locked inside the pub. “Give that man a Bells, he deserves it!”

  • doritos noodling for mermaid Doritos Noodling

    Another hilarious fan-made Doritos commercial: Noodling for mermaids. These Doritos ads are so many, most of them very funny,  we published these two more: The Doritos Mermaid The Doritos Microlight  

  • 4wd fishing boat Sealegs 4WD fishing boat

    No, this is not a Transformer, but indeed a 4WD fishing boat. Here is a Russian engine design, which reflects both the amphibious military vehicle and boat: the Sealegs 6.1m D-TUBE. As seen in this video demo, once the wheels raised and lowered the engine, it is a real speedboat, which allows to go fishing…

  • A commercial from Shimano Italy: a guy reeling a car with a a Shimano rod and a Shimano Stella SW.

  • Yeaaaahhhh!!! I Caught a pretty big fish!!!! I take a photo, and send it to all my friends through the Internet!!! Share fish pics with your buddies, some will be be happy for you, some other jealous, but YOU caught the fish.

  • nitro boat commercial Nitro Boat Commercial

    There’s nothing like a nice day fishing on the lake with your girlfriend. Nitro makes it possible with new options . Fishing will never be the same. Another Nitro boat commercial, only for men.

  • vw dogfish commercial VW DogFish

    Weird, curious, disturbing, is this commercial VW Dogfish.  This strange creature half dog half fish was made to sell a Volskwagen crossover, the SpaceFox, in Brazil. Guess you won’t find any of that kind on your fishing line.

  • Hilarious way to present the Red Truck Fly Rods, for steelhead fishing. Backed by 200 years of combined fly fishing, guiding and casting instruction experience, the product development team at Red Truck offers a collection of performance two-hand fly rods designed to compete with the best rods on the market. After rigorous casting, field-testing, modifying…

  • hug an angler, Colorado promotional Hug an Angler

    These advertisements are part of The Wildlife Council’s media-based campaign designed to educate the general public about the benefits of wildlife, wildlife management, and wildlife-related recreational opportunities in Colorado, specifically hunting and fishing. Where can I view the commercials? The commercials are available any time on They are airing on major television networks across…

  • Another couple destroyed by the love of fishing: what a tragedy! Hard competition between fleshy girl and fishing gear. She seems really hot for having fun, but her boyfriend seems more busy with his fishing tackle. Funny Commercial for Fishhound 15720 Ventura Blvd. STE 220 Encino, CA 91436 Use PROMO CODE: YTUBE50 and get your…

  • Doritos microlight fishing girls, funny ad Doritos Microlight

    New Action Sport – Extreme Fly Fishing. This is Ad for Doritos Super Bowl competition. How to catch pretty girls, Doritos microlight fishing. Another Doritos commercial : The Mermaid  

  • Breaking the surface is all about atlantic salmon going for the dry fly. No more, no less: pure passion. Location: St. Lewis River, Labrador, Canada. The Loop Tackle brand manufactures rods, reels and lines: the top for fly fishing.

  • rocket fishing rod Rocket Fishing Rod

    Americans love so much guns that they created a fishing rod looking like a shotgun. Huge WTF for any serious angler. The Official Rocket Fishing Rod: just pump, lanch, and reel ’em in! “Go fishing with this Roland Martin Rocket Fishing Rod!! This amazing fishing rod shoots up to 30 ft! Perfect for little hands…

  • Oldies but goodies: The K-Tel Pocket Fisherman More WTF is this Shotgun Fishing Rod    

  • Funny ad for Roger Williams Park Zoo in Boston: Trout fishing. You can learn a lot from an animal. Director: James Holt Producer: Susie Douglas

  • When your fishing poles just aren’t cutting it, maybe it’s time to step up and use what the REAL fishing pro’s use. Go out and get yourself a Fish Gun from “Daytona” Dan Jackson (Matt Dillon) today, so you can kill fish with bullets like you’re supposed to. Fish Gun Matt Dillon says: “Ya love…

  • A funny old spice commercial with fish, anglers that smell fishy, and Old Spice users that catch mermaids. Hemingway couldn’t win this machismo fishing contest… Another funny ad with a mermaid:

  • 12 wt apparel commercial 12 Wt Apparel

    A nice ad for the brand 12 Wt Apparel, which philosopy is : “We fish the flats. We respect both the beauty and the harshness of these unique environments. We’ve created the 12wt. product line to deliver the ultimate level of performance, comfort, and sun protection, with a unique sense of style. We make our…

  • Doritos Mermaid, a funny commercial for Superbowl: fishermen in boat attrack a mermaid with Doritos chips. She’s beautiful, and we all think one ofe guy is going to fall in love with her, marry her and have many children… Happy end: taxidermy! Beautiful fishing trophy 🙂 Another Doritos commercial, another mermaid (staying alive!) here And…

  • A super litter promotional video for Airflo products produced by the talented Todd Moen! When Todd Moen (Catch Magazines) makes a commercial, it rocks: here for the Airflo fly  

  • Rapala lures don’t need any publicity: well known by anglers from decade, these fishing lures are used eveywhere.So, in this commercial it’s jut madness: watch this hilarious Rapala advertising

  • There’s smooth, really smooth, and then there’s triple filtered smooth like Keystone Light. It’s like catching a prize winning fish. I DO NOT Own copyrights to this commercial. This channel is just to share the information about the product with others. Any Copy Right Infringement, please email me and video will be removed. Advertiser…