How to Catch a 60lb Barramundi


Paul Worsteling and Jason Wilhelm from Barra Madness land a massive 60lb Barramundi at Lake Monduran in Queensland, Australia. Watch them fight this beast and then return it to the beautiful waters of Lake Monduran.

(…) Highly prized by anglers for their good fighting ability, barramundi are reputed to be good at avoiding fixed nets and are best caught on lines and with fishing lures. In Australia, the barramundi is used to stock freshwater reservoirs for recreational fishing.

These “impoundment barramundi”, as they are known by anglers, have grown in popularity as a “catch and release” fish. Popular stocked barramundi impoundments include Lake Tinaroo near Cairns in the Atherton Tablelands, Peter Faust Dam near the Whitsundays, Teemburra Dam near Mackay, Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa, Lake Awoonga near Gladstone, and Lake Monduran south of Lake Awoonga. (….)
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