BLACK PIRANHA – Amazon River Monsters


Piranha: this river monster fascinated people all over the wold.
Most people think there is only one type of Piranha, but actually there are over twenty different types living in the rivers of South America. The most famous is the small red bellied Piranha – but the biggest and baddest Piranha in the Amazon is the lesser known Black Piranha.

The Black Piranha, sometimes called Redeye Piranha live in very diverse habitats ranging from soft blackwater to hard whitewater areas of the Amazon. They are the biggest of Amazon Piranhas and have been caught weighing up to 9.5 pounds.

Scientists have determined that the Black Pirahana has the strongest biting power of any animal relative to body weight, past or present!


The Wolf Fish has a maximum diameter of 39 inches and can weigh up to about 90 pounds. It has the ability to live almost anywhere in the Amazon and usually feeds at night.

Wolf Fish can be very aggressive. There are reported instances of Wolf attacking humans in the water. There are other reports of them attacking and killing dogs that have fallen in waters occupied by Wolf Fish.


A very big thanks to Steve Townson for helping us get a close up look at a black piranha. If you are interested in knowing more about Steve, or would like to consider joining one of his exciting fishing excursions to the Amazon, stop by his website at

With champion angler Steve Townson, meet the most dangerous piranhas in the Amazon, and some other fishes as the famous peacock bass, the wolf fish,  and of course the Black Piranha. Watch your fingers!