Biggest Halibut on the Float


Some halibuts can be enormous, but this one! Caught and released in Nappstraumen (Norway), this monster measured nearly 2 meters (6 1/2 feet), weighing 100 Kg (222 lbs). Epic fight with this huge halibut in a beautiful nordic landscape.
The biggest halibut ever caught on a float!?

The catching story:
“The 30th of April 2015 I had my coolest experience ever in my entire life. Together with Jonathan Jansson and Martin Bamberg, I went out on a fishing session in Nappstraumen. With a dead coalfish, rigged on a float I got a light bite but when I set the hook it turned out in to a brutal fight between me and the halibut. With my Westin W8 Boat we manage to secure the fish beside the boat after a fight that lasted around 15-20 minutes. The fish measured 196 cm with an estimated weight of 100,4 kg which was a new personal best and by far the biggest halibut ever caught on a float. Jonathan ate a banana right before, myth busted? Correct me if I’m wrong. Happier than ever!
/ Erik Axner – Nordic Sea Angling”

Kudos Erik for such a catch, and for the release.