The Au Sable River trailer


This is the trailer for the main feature The River. The dvd will also include as bonus features the full version of
“The Brothers Brown” that was part of the 2013 Fly Fishing Film Tour and another feature titled “Summers” about legendary bamboo rod maker Bob Summers.

The dvd will be available in both standard and BluRay on April 24th via and will be available in fly shops and retail outlets on April 26th.

Au Sable River and Grayling history

In the 1870’S the Au Sable River became a destination for fisherman worldwide. Trains packed with fisherman would arrive in Grayling, each hoping to spend a week or so along the “Holy Waters” of the Au Sable river.  The Grayling was renowned both for its beauty and for its voracious appetite.   Long leaders with three and even four flies were attached to a line, and often yielded three and even four fish per cast.  The number of fish caught and kept was extraordinary, often up wards of 100 fish, per person, per day.

According to William J. Mantague, “One spring the Grayling were running up the Hersey.  We noted they had some difficulty passing an obstruction in the stream, so we placed a canoe crosswise at that point and caught over seven hundred one afternoon.”….
The Grayling were eaten.  They were packed in ice, loaded onto railway cars, and shipped by the thousands of tons per year to the larger metropolitan areas. In some instances, they were tossed on the banks and buried in mounds.

At the same time, the lumbermen came and cut down centuries-old growth of virgin white pine.  The land leading to the rivers was stripped as well, slashed and burned, and the logs floated downstream to the large mills and cities during the spring run-off.  The rivers were cleared of logs and debris, places were the Grayling flourished. Shallow riffles were trenched out and deepened, and dams were built so that the flow of the river could be better controlled…. [source and read more]