Alaska The Nutrient Cycle


Alaska The Nutrient Cycle, a beautiful video about the cycle of life and death of a beautiful sport fish: salmon. Nice images of the wild alaskan landscape, and some amazing parts in timelapse showing the decomposition of dead salmons.

Once they enter fresh water chum salmon stop feeding and morph into an aggressive creature intent only on mating. After spawning, they die and their bodies become a source of nutrients for everything in the forest and sea.

Very special thanks to Lynn Schooler, who without I could not have made this short. Special thanks to Richard Nelson, Hank Lentfer, Riley Woodford and Henk Meeuwsen for providing additional sounds.

To Lynn & Michio, whose stories and adventures inspired me to come to Alaska.
UPDATE – Shot over the course of three weeks with a Canon 5d and a GoPro. Music: Smetana – Má Vlast (The Moldau) and Górecki – Symphony No. 3: Il Lento E Largo