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  • in our time In Our Time

    In Our Time is a beautiful video by Amelia & Dave Jensen, a friendly couple that live for fly fishing. They own the Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine and spend their time between Alberta and New Zealand.

  • This extreme fishing in waves footage is just a trailer: can’t wait to see the full movie (by the end of the year)! Not many people know about the most dificult and extreme form of fishing that exists. Through the experiences of a group of young men, MorningTide Fishing captures the true depth of what…

  • cormorant invasion Switzerland Cormorant Invasion

    This cormorant invasion is recent,  video October 4, and comes from Lake Murten (Murtensee in German) in Switzerland. An impressive flock of cormorants falls down on this small lake (22.8 km2 – 5600 acres). About 1 thousand cormorants: you read it, 1000 cormorants! Diving up to 12 meters deep to eat all the fish. Cormorant…

  • Hilarious commercial for a fishing shop in Germany. She’s ready for a good night of sex, but the husband is a fisherman, and he enjoys solitary pleasures.  

  • Another couple destroyed by the love of fishing: what a tragedy! Hard competition between fleshy girl and fishing gear. She seems really hot for having fun, but her boyfriend seems more busy with his fishing tackle. Funny Commercial for Fishhound 15720 Ventura Blvd. STE 220 Encino, CA 91436 Use PROMO CODE: YTUBE50 and get your…

  • 4wd fishing boat Sealegs 4WD fishing boat

    No, this is not a Transformer, but indeed a 4WD fishing boat. Here is a Russian engine design, which reflects both the amphibious military vehicle and boat: the Sealegs 6.1m D-TUBE. As seen in this video demo, once the wheels raised and lowered the engine, it is a real speedboat, which allows to go fishing…

  • We don’t know why these two catfish are in a pool and not in the nature. But it seems funny for this kind of Jack Russel to catch one andtake it out out of the water. Let’s hope the puppy released his prey.

  • During a fishing competition in Belgium, an angler completly pissed is interviewed by television. Unable to articulate any correct sentence, the drunk fisherman vomits and falls down into water. Under laughs of other competitors, as drunk as himself. That gives a pretty good image of both fishermen and Belgium Music: “Four Beers’ Polka” Kevin MacLeod…

  • Awesome fishing vid: this guy is reeling and animating his lure, and when he doesn’t expect it; BANG, a monster bass attacks frog lure just by the boat. Slow motion to better see action. I was lucky to capture this once in a lifetime shot of a giant bass hitting my frog as I was…

  • Amazing vid by Underwater Ireland: a dead bait (a small roach) on a 1Lb line, with no hook. Attacked and eaten by a pike. Very fast attack, the slow motion allows us to watch better. Another underwater vid: when the pike is wary  

  • If you have never seen “Tapâm – a flyfishing journey” you know nothing about tarpon. Watch this guy in his small float tube, fighting with jumping tarpons. The very essence of sport fishing. Short version of “Tapâm – a flyfishing journey” Winner of the 5th Annual Drake Video Awards 2010 “Best Fishing”. Produced by Daniel…

  • Pike eats baby duck Pike Eats Baby Duck

    A terrific scene in a lake. A mama duck and her ducklings are attacked by a ferocious pike that grabs and eats a poor baby duck.

  • Hilarious commercial for Jobsintown, a job seeking website. Our site is more about angling as a passion, but don’t forget that fisherman is a profession, that doesn’t fit to anyone. This man should better be a clown than a fisherman.

  • Its a routine kayak fishing adventure for Isaac Brumaghim, until Chompy the shark shows up. “HOLY SHIT” says Isaac when sharks attacks kayak angler! And the fear passed, a great great laugh 😀 Kayak: Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7 Reel: PENN Torque Spinner Rod: PENN Bluewater Carnage Jigging Rod Camera: Go Pro Hero Leader: Knot2Kinky wire…

  • Reeling a 4 ft shark in Florida, this guy has the surprise to see it eaten in one bite by a Goliath grouper! Jaws encounters JAWS….  

  • Humans have to respect the nature and the trout have to respect the fly fishers. If at first you don’t succeed, Try, try, try again. This blonde Swede misses repeatedly trout, because too much slack in the line. That happens to all of us, making us believe that the fish has no respect. But she…

  • Dangerous to put his hand in the water as the hammerhead shark attacks twice! A 14 foot long hammer head shark attacks a tarpon while fishing in the Florida Keys. After several strikes the shark finally takes the tarpon after the release and swims away. Moments later the remains float up and I grab the…

  • nitro boat commercial Nitro Boat Commercial

    There’s nothing like a nice day fishing on the lake with your girlfriend. Nitro makes it possible with new options . Fishing will never be the same. Another Nitro boat commercial, only for men.

  • Watch your step when striking a fish, you could end into the water

  • easy piranha fishing in brazil Easy Piranha Fishing

    That’s really an easy way to catch piranhas: with no rod, no hook, just a piece of meat, this amazonian girl catches effortless dozens of piranhas. Thanks to M. Golf

  • snakehead eats pike in aquarium, creepy video Snakehead Eats Pike

    We don’t know why this guy owns a snakehead fish at home (it’s illegal), in such a small aquarium. For the breakfast he gives it a little pike and in a few seconds the snakehead eats pike. Snakehead invasive species Snakeheads can become invasive species and cause ecological damage because they are top-level predators, meaning…

  • It’s not everyday that you hook a giant shark like the one in this video. This shark was extremely strong! We used a cobia carcass for bait and within 15 minutes, the shark took the bait. Josh fought the shark for about 30 minutes before handing the rod off to Peter. Josh was concerned about…

  • Awesome! This topwater pike bite comes out of nowhere! Another crazy topwater attack: a Bass on frog lure

  • pike vs rudd underwater video in Ireland Pike vs Rudd

    Amazing underwater vid: Pike vs Rudd. We are all waiting for the attack, but the pike is suspicious: will it decide to strike? The explanations of the filmaker : For quiet a long time I wanted to film fishing with my underwater camera. So, eventually I tried to do it but it didn’t go well:…

  • Two girls are playing on a beach with a dead fish, kind of “spank me with a fish, darling, it’s so swag”.  But the fish gets stuck by a fin in girl’s thigh, who starst screaming like a sow. Yeah, must know that catfish have barbs. Must be a clever crew, because you can hear…

  • Catfish Eats Carp video Catfish Eats Carp

    Yuri Grisendi is a great catfish fisherman. I don’t know why he has one in aquarium but it’s an opportunity  to experience. He drops a big carp into the tank, and waits for the predator to devour it. It doesn’t take long! Mother Nature is sometimes so cruel and scary! Another video in aquarium, a…

  • An interesting experiment, filmed in Ireland, in a transparent water: are trolled alongside two Soft Baits (unarmed). A clear one, the Cannibal Shad from Savage Gear; and a dark one, the Kopyto from Relax. A GoPro under the boat, and we will see who will win the contest. Which one of the two lures, light…

  • women fishing man in Russia Women Fishing For Man

    Women fishing man, or rather fishing for beefcake in catch & release, a russian technique. In this hilarious video, two ladies catch a awesome man, but taking the measure of what you think, they realize that it is too small. Hilarious Russian video: two women are fishing for… man! Very frustrated after measuring what must…

  • Queensland, Australia. This angler is about to bring on board a massive mackerel, when…

  • 2 Year old girl’s first catch and release. The name of this fish is a sailors choice..that..appareently is because people have so many different names for this type of fish. In salt water here in Florida this would also be a pin fish. They hit hard and are a good fight. Well done, adorable Karley.

  • fishing lure for mermaids Lure for Mermaids

    For this April Fool’s Day a fishing lure brand designed this exclusive model, special mermaid fishing. Admire the swimming action! I’m sure if they were marketing this lure, they would sell a lot because it’s fun. More seriously, this brand is called Realwobbler and you can find their products here.

  • dolphin rapes girl in aquatic park Dolphin Rapes Girl

    Horny Dolphin rapes girl, or rather tries to rape her. The crazy dolphin jumps out of water and starts humping an unsuspecting girl. A funny video, the girl laugh the whole time. Watch at the end how the dolphin starts yelling as it appears to think it was funny too. What are dolphins really thinking?…

  • Savage Gear Cannibal shad vs Pike: see this lure in action, followed by pikes and then swallowed. Nice attacks, nice softlure.

  • The proverb says “big lures, big fish”. To prove it (or not), Underwater Ireland realized this test: two lures of different sizes, dragged side by side. The small one is 200 mm long, the large one 280 mm long. A camera under the boat, let’s troll and see which lure will get the more bites….

  • While ice fishing in a little hole in a frozen lake, this guy didn’t expect to catch a fish as big as himself! A huge sturgeon, apparently not a female: too bad for caviar. Source Onic

  • Amazing footage: a great white shark attacking an inflatable boat, something rare, shark rarely attacks boats. Maybe it wanted to taste rubber ? Why does a rubber inflatable boat sink in the ocean? Because a Great White Shark has just taken a Chunk out of it! Is the scariest part when the Shark eyes our…

  • Wow, amazing and never shot before: a Tiger Shark eaten by Killer Whales! A great sea predator encounters bigger predators… After 20 years diving, 10 of them at Cocos Island; she gave me the most incredible experience so far at sea. We were witness of how 6 killer whales hunted, killed and fed on a…

  • fishing with red bull lure Fishing with Red Bull

    Stop spending your money to buy lures: DIY. And Fishing with Red Bull is fun. An empty Red Bull can, a hook, and you get a free popper that catches GT ! You’ve senn the teeth marks? Wow! Red Bull energy drink gives wings to Giant Trevally.

  • big zander 102 cm Big Zander 102 cm

    Big zander caught in central France, the fish of a lifetime. “The Holy Grail” as says Loic Garnier, the happy angler. This fish was measured at 102 cm (40 inch) for estimated weight between 10 and 11 kilos (22 to 25 pounds). That’s very big for a zander (Sander Lucioperca), which is the european walleye…

  • idiots on boat, funny video Idiots on Boats

    Not fishing, but very fun, when idiots are on boats: a compilation of all possible bullshit on boat, bass boat, sailboat,…. A Police outboard  hitting a boater, falls into the water (blondes inside), a sailboat mast breaking under a bridge, a big boat that really goes into the port. … There are lots of sequences…

  • This movie summarizes in 19 minutes the 4 weeks fishing trip in New Zealand of these lucky guys. Of course we see wild brown trout, but also the beautiful landscapes of this fishing paradise. This video is a little gem, with some of the most epic struggles with trouts I’ve ever seen. Just after seeing…

  • This little boy is a Mozart of fly fishing: only 8 year old and he catches and releases two atlantic salmons in a day!  Watch the way he casts, like a boss! This happened on the Datmouth river in Quebec, Gaspe region, fly fishing with his dad.

  • Bass fishing for large mouth bass, small mouth bass, black bass, sea bass, striped bass, world record bass or any other kind of bass as a bass pro in bass tournaments or just recreationally for sport there is a fun game that all who enjoy bass will enjoy. Using the word bass as a funny…

  • That’s the way to do it when you are a real man: with friends and a bottle of whiskey. The complete tutorial for hook removal is here  

  • News reporter suprised when the fish she’s holding jumps out of her hands. A series of disasters and a hearty laugh. Must be fun to be on a fishing boat with this friendly lady Another blonde on a boat:

  • Doritos Mermaid, a funny commercial for Superbowl: fishermen in boat attrack a mermaid with Doritos chips. She’s beautiful, and we all think one ofe guy is going to fall in love with her, marry her and have many children… Happy end: taxidermy! Beautiful fishing trophy Another Doritos commercial, another mermaid (staying alive!) here And a…

  • A rod bending means FISH ON! The ultimate saltwater fishing video for big game rod bending action! All fish were released safely back into the ocean. Compiled of both unaired and featured videos on our channel. Enjoy! GEAR USED: Bait Used — Bonito Hooks — 18/0 Lindgren Pitman Circle hook Leader — 20ft leader with…

  • The captain of this book got on board a kind of tourist, probably going fishing for the first time of his life. And the way the guy holds his rod, a huge striped bass pulls rod out of his hands. “While filming a fishing trip on the ” Top Hook ” in Montauk New York…

  • Mattias Helde is playing atlantic salmon while filming it under water. Fly fishing in Norway This is one of the few atlantic salmon that manage to come back to the river where it was born…. It has survived swimming through all the massive belts of sea lice outside the fish farms, and manage to avoid…

  • Giant manta ray caught: Fishermen stumble across 26 foot (8 meters) manta ray / stingray / that weighs 1,000 kgs in Peru. The sea creature, which also reportedly weighs more than 1,000 kilograms, was allegedly caught by unsuspecting fishermen off the coast of Peru. The ray got caught up in their net as they trawled…

  • Others videos of sharks stealing fish : Shark attack in Queensland: Two Bull Sharks Eat Tarpon:  

  • A River Runs Through It, this Robert Redford’s movie that initiated so many vocations for fly fishing. Because it’s a story of transmission, of passion. In this short footage, the best moment of the film, Brad Pitt fighting the ‘perfect trout’. “At that moment I knew, surely and clearly, that I was witnessing perfection. He…

  • He goes out fishing, but forgot his fishing rod. What do you this his wife will catch with it? The guy may say “I am a fish”, I think she is cheating on him… A funny commercial that will make you wonder what do your wife when you are out fishing.

  • Pike vs Trout: who wins ? In this amazing footage, watch a northern pike eating trout nearly as big as itself. What a predator: in 30 seconds the trout is swallowed!

  • What a fishing trip! It begins by some tuna we would consider as big, then arrvives the monster: a 256 lb Big eye Tuna jigging caught. Report for this trip written by Sami: For the past 3 years we’ve been trying to put a trip together to target Big eye tuna but with the lack…

  • too drunk to fish compilation video Too Drunk To Fish

    Alcohol is evil, even if it can be fun. In this compilation you’ll see the top 10 of men too drunk to fish. Do not imitate them, fishing is a passion, and it doesn’t have to be soiled by drunkards. Source: L’Esoxiste. An excellent fishing website,if you understand french.

  • Amazing! Pike attacks in super slow motion dead baits: roach, perch or smaller pike This is the best slow-mo I managed to get so far suing GoPro (100fps) + Sony Vegas 12 + Twixtor. Speed was reduced to 2.5% from the original. Pike strike so fast that even with 100 fps image was blurred! Now…

  • A commercial from Shimano Italy: a guy reeling a car with a a Shimano rod and a Shimano Stella SW.

  • largemouth-26-inch Bass Eats GoPro

    Impressive attack shot underwater, it seems that the bass wants to eat te GoPro!

  • Catfish World Record Catfish World Record

    This Feb. 19, 2015, on the Po River in Italy, was caught this monstrous catfish: 2.67 meters (8 feet, 9 inch) weighing 127 kilos (280 lbs)! The angler, Dino Ferrari is tester for Sportex brand that offers rods for carp and catfish. 2m67 – 127 kg: New Catfish World Record ? Dino is accustomed these…