The Best Fishing Videos

  • largemouth-26-inch Bass Eats GoPro

    Impressive attack shot underwater, it seems that the bass wants to eat te GoPro!

  • fisherman rescuing kitten Angler Rescue Kittens

    Catfishing? No, just rescuing two kittens lost on the Black Warrior River in Alabama. Good job guys, and shame on who put them into the water.

  • drone-fisherman Fisherman vs Drone

    You are quietly engaged in fishing with your mates and a moron hassles you with its f***ing drone. This cursed machine that violates your privacy …. What a pity those fools who think themselves superior because they fly … Fortunately, this Californian fisherman makes a perfect cast and catches the drone in flight. Yeah, good…

  • What means fishing for you: catching fish or having fun with some good friends? These four young Swedes have all of that, they catch (and release) nice trouts while joking, pranking, laughing. You don’t have to understerand sweedish to see they are happy together.

  • We already shared many videos from Underwater Ireland, this team specialized in filming underwater in the clear waters of the Green Isle. Here is their top 10 pike attacks, and each one is a an adrelanine shot!!!

  • too drunk to fish compilation video Too Drunk To Fish

    Alcohol is evil, even if it can be fun. In this compilation you’ll see the top 10 of men too drunk to fish. Do not imitate them, fishing is a passion, and it doesn’t have to be soiled by drunkards. Source: L’Esoxiste. An excellent fishing website,if you understand french.

  • Hillary will never forget this diving experience in South Africa: “While shark cage diving, our cage was attacked by an 11.5 foot Great White shark. The round buoy attached to the side of the cage was bent in half. Some of the lining of the outside blue barrier bar was bitten through as well. It…

  • shark-capsizes-boat-angler-swims-for-life-then-catches-shark Shark Capsizes Kayak

    Oh my gods, what a fright! You can sometimes have big surprises kayak fishing. Look a this man frightened to death by a shark: The full story, according to ABC News [source] Ben Chancey, a U.S. Coast Guard captain for fishing charters, was off the coast of Stuart, Florida, last Thursday, trying to catch a…

  • Always a pleasure to share a new Todd Moen’s video. As always, everything is perfect: images, music, and of course the fish. Camera and Edit by Todd Moen: “Each July, I find myself heading back to my home state of Montana. Over the past 15 years, many of these trips have included an adventure with…

  • This angler is reeling a pike but…. clinging to its tail, is… a turtle! I didn’t know turtles could be carnivorious, I googled and yes some of them are: “A turtle’s diet varies greatly depending on the environment in which it lives. Adult turtles typically eat aquatic plants, invertebrates such as insects, snails and worms;…

  • An incredible fishing video by Daniel Dalien Vignjevic form Savage Gear team, shot in Slovenian Lake Bled. He was trolling 4 meters down to surface of this 15 meters deep lake. The soft lure was a 40cm 3D Line-Thru Trout. Big lure, big fish?   At this depht, and with such a big lure, he…

  • This movie summarizes in 19 minutes the 4 weeks fishing trip in New Zealand of these lucky guys. Of course we see wild brown trout, but also the beautiful landscapes of this fishing paradise. This video is a little gem, with some of the most epic struggles with trouts I’ve ever seen. Just after seeing…

  • free-aurivilli Aurivilli

    Two friends Fly Fishing with Ephemerella Aurivilli in Norway. Happiness and friendship, during a perfect fishing day. Fundamentalists of “catch and release” will be horrified: “Shocking! They eat a trout”. Yes they do. This happens in Scandinavia, and instead of criticizing, pay you a fishing trip out there.

  • denali Tribute to Denali

    “When someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.” That’s what dogs do, and the love they bring to humans is the purest. Ben Moon spent years of happiness with Denali the dosg. And some moments of pain, when he has…

  • troute takes in video Trout Takes

    This fly fisherman made a compilation of trout takes during a fishing season, and it’s beautiful.

  • Some halibuts can be enormous, but this one! Caught and released in Nappstraumen (Norway), this monster measured nearly 2 meters (6 1/2 feet), weighing 100 Kg (222 lbs). Epic fight with this huge halibut in a beautiful nordic landscape. The biggest halibut ever caught on a float!? The catching story: “The 30th of April 2015…

  • Pokemon Fishing Pokemon Fishing

    I love this kind of wacky characters revealed by Youtube. This one is japanese and his name is Akira. His speciality is to catch fish with rods for kids: he Akira catches a nice bass with a Pokemon pole! And Akira is very talkative too. I don’t understand japanese, but what he says must be…

  • fly fishing for GT's at Cosmoledo Dancing With GT’s

    Awesome fishing video, one of the best Giant Trevally clip of this year. Cool music to suggest anglers are dancing with GT’s, and the result is just perfect: I WANT to go fishing in this paradise! The Seychelles archipelago is the best place in the world for Giant Trevally fishing. GT mayhem at Cosmoledo atoll…

  • praise of slowness, fly fishing video Praises of Slowness

    Our modern world is too fast, too many work, too many computers, screens, social netwoks… We have no time to deal with ourselves. Except maybe when fishing. This short clip is a praise to slowness, such as the concept of ‘slow food’, but here in fly fishing. Beautiful images in France by 9p#5 Média from…

  • Captain Jon Black of the Crazy Lure Tackle Shop joined Captain Ben Chancey of Chew On This to land the largest Goliath Grouper ever out of a Kayak. This beast of a fish even broke his rod at the end of the epic battle. The 83 inch long (2.10 m) fish, for 500 lbs (250…

  • early-morning-jungle-poon Jungle Poon

    Early in the morning in Nicaragua. As you know, most predators prefer to eat at sunrise and sunset, good time to go fishing. Peter Christensen goes for tarpon and attends this show: a big, very big one, in feeding frenzy. He just has to cast once, and…. OMG, never seen such a poon attack!.

  • After Fall and Winter, here his the 3rd achievement of this series about steelhead fishing along the seasons. Spring his here, but it’s still chilly in Pacific Northwest. Brrr…. too cold for me…. “Todd Moen’s “Run” series is the most amazing compilation of steelhead fly fishing short films ever made. Spring Run, the third in…

  • Capt. Blair heads down to the Florida Keys to fly fish for tarpon with Capt. Barry Meyers. They will catch a huge tarpon, too heavy too pull into the boat. But also some other fish, such as a big cobia, and a hammerhead shark.

  • Another proof of the amazing footages you can get with a Water Wolf Camera. Here we have attacks and bites by huge bluefish, as if we were underwater! This entire short film was filmed with Water Wolf camera by attaching the camera on the hat, rod and in front of the lures.

  • Do you think ladies need such a bossy teacher to know how to behave on a river? Girls, come fishing with us as you are: “Quiet, Clean & Dry” This funny clip is by Montana Fishing Guide and was shot on Wolf Creek Montana, Missouri River, and Missoula, Montana.

  • Lotte aka the Reelgirl is back in Slovenia. This time she got a drone, to share with us the beautiful landscapes of this country. I like her philosophy: “As the title says, sometimes you win, and sometimes the fish wins. Anyway, this doesn’t really matter. Lovely landscapes, spectacular rivers and friendly people make up for…

  • The Pyrenees are a mountain range between France and Spain. In these mountain rivers (called “gaves”) fish that the guys from Bearnishfly. Access to the river is often dangerous, difficult, but the reward is at the end of the road: beautiful  and huge trouts rising and biting flies.

  • Natural Soundtrack fishing video Natural Soundtrack

    I do not understand the Y generation who go fishing with earphones: insulated in their own world, they are depriving themselves of the sounds of nature. And most fishing videos think they must spoil great pictures with a screaming music, and it ruins everything. What a treat with this short clip in natural soundtrack! Just…

  • This woman is a fly fishing guide in Moraine Park, Colorado. Watch her fishing while a bull elk comes to drink in the same stream. The kind of magic encounter you can have in the wild.

  • “Fish are jumping out“, sang the great Janis in Summertime. As fan of both fly fishing videos and Janis Joplin, I had a great pleasure with this short clip called “96”. Rising trouts on the Dora Baltea, Italy, with background sound Summertime. The lyrics of this song: Summertime, time, time, Child, the living’s easy. Fish…

  • The craziest moments can happen when you are fly fishing for Tarpon. This short video clip was shot on-location at Isla Blanca, Yucatan. Another fish leaping into boat, but a more impressive one, a 40 lb barracuda:

  • The proverb says “big lures, big fish”. To prove it (or not), Underwater Ireland realized this test: two lures of different sizes, dragged side by side. The small one is 200 mm long, the large one 280 mm long. A camera under the boat, let’s troll and see which lure will get the more bites….

  • He goes out fishing, but forgot his fishing rod. What do you this his wife will catch with it? The guy may say “I am a fish”, I think she is cheating on him… A funny commercial that will make you wonder what do your wife when you are out fishing.

  • Lotte Aulom, aka The Reelgirl, is a pretty norwegian fisherwoman. She summed up in this little film her 2013 season: trouts, graylings, that will be released after a kiss and a big smile. Two more videos by The Reelgirl:

  • Giant manta ray caught: Fishermen stumble across 26 foot (8 meters) manta ray / stingray / that weighs 1,000 kgs in Peru. The sea creature, which also reportedly weighs more than 1,000 kilograms, was allegedly caught by unsuspecting fishermen off the coast of Peru. The ray got caught up in their net as they trawled…

  • Hilarious commercial for a fishing shop in Germany. She’s ready for a good night of sex, but the husband is a fisherman, and he enjoys solitary pleasures.  

  • CGI 3D Animated Short HD: “Elk Hair Caddis” – by The Animation Workshop. A father escapes his stressful life with his many tadpoles to his favourite hideout by the river. His peace and quiet is suddenly disturbed by his neighbour’s attempt to catch the fish of his dreams. The Elk Hair Caddis is a dry…


  • Los Suenos, Costa Rica, one of the top marlin spots in the world. These 3 guys Brooks Kelm, Michael Herd, and HD Perkins caught 22 blue marlins in 2 days. Twenty two! When for me just on marlin would be the fish of lifetime. They left fully equipped: GoPro + drone, and the result is…

  • scuba bass fishing underwater video Scuba Bass Fishing

    That’s not spearfishing, but just fishing underwater, and it’s quite funny. Bass are curious fish: watch their baheviour in this underwater video. Instead of fleeing away, they gather around the plunger: “what is this strange fish?” That happened in Upper Niagara River, and the bass took the jig at the feet of the diver!

  • Manatees are gentle and fully harmless animals. But when you cross a giant manatee swimming near you, it can be scary. The reaction of this young is still a bit excessive Another funny video: Girl scared by the fish she caught:

  • Sometimes, you meet some perfect assholes while fishing. Here is one, this video was relayed through the Canadian media and made some noise in the Internet. The abusive angler finally was convicted. Full story down there, and watch the video. ***UPDATE – MARCH 4TH, 2015*** The guy in the video who killed the Musky had…

  • A Russian fisherman had the bad idea to put his hand into the mouth of an anglerfish. The dentition of this fish is impressive. Two rows up and three down, canines sharp and turned backwards, to prevent leakage of what was bitten. Namely the fisherman, who seem to suffer martyrdom, and whose colleague must use…

  • Catfish Eats Carp video Catfish Eats Carp

    Yuri Grisendi is a great catfish fisherman. I don’t know why he has one in aquarium but it’s an opportunity  to experience. He drops a big carp into the tank, and waits for the predator to devour it. It doesn’t take long! Mother Nature is sometimes so cruel and scary! Another video in aquarium, a…

  • The pretty Darcizzle catching snook in Florida. I like Darcie’s videos, this girl is good in fishing and very friendly. Who is she? “Darcie aka Darcizzle has been on the water since the age of 3 when she started tagging along with her father fishing and lobstering on an 18′ Gheenoe out of Miami, Florida;…

  • fishing lure for mermaids Lure for Mermaids

    For this April Fool’s Day a fishing lure brand designed this exclusive model, special mermaid fishing. Admire the swimming action! I’m sure if they were marketing this lure, they would sell a lot because it’s fun. More seriously, this brand is called Realwobbler and you can find their products here.

  • Ok they caught a tuna, now it’s time to take a picture. But the fish wriggles like an epileptic! And the laugh of the fisherman is epilectic too, and so contagious Update Someone tells me: “How is this a a selfie when the other guy is taking the picture?” Wells, that’s right. I’m too old…

  • Giant Tip-up Laker Giant Tip-up Laker

    Another great fishing video by Uncut Angling. This time, ice fishing on a frozen lake in winter on jigging lures and large dead baits. What this lacks in burbot semen, it makes up for with burbot flavored slobber frothing from the mouth of a huge, gluttonous laker. Look at the size of this monster fish!

  • jetski jigging girl Jetski Jigging Girl

    This young lady fishing in jetski is a champion. You can see she’s used to jigging: look at her arms! This day she doesn’t catch so big, but small kingfish are better than no fish. And a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work.

  • The crazy Aussies of MorningTide are back! This time, after hooking a huge Longtail Tuna, after a 30 minutes fight, it’s seems impossible to land it. No problem, 2 guys dive in the wave to release the fish ! By the same team, don’t miss this astounding vid:

  • big bass strikes video 50 Big Bass Strikes

    You like big bass strikes? Here a fifty of them, on topwater lures. Well, I didn’t count them but it’s a true feast. A fish striking is cool, but when striking on topwater, WOW! By the same author, another amazing bass fishing video: Stephen and Liz are located in Alabama, where they have been bass…

  • Others videos of sharks stealing fish : Shark attack in Queensland: Two Bull Sharks Eat Tarpon:  

  • A short video, a masterpiece. This couple of anglers and their guide despair to fish as the rain is intense in this part of New Zealand. Suddenly, rain stops, insects skim the water of the river. And they have the chance to shoot these beautiful and incredible rising trouts. One of the coolest moments for…

  • Often, it’s in small streams that you can catch the largest trouts. Another great flyfishing video (source Youtube) by Gilbert Rowley : “Wyoming has excellent fishing. Euro nymphing is a great way to catch fish. Put them together and great things can happen. My friend Kohler and I spent a fun summer day catching some…

  • Steve-O from the Jackass team in a great (and stupid) feat. He begins to jam a large fishing hook through his cheek. Well, not so easy and quite paintul, his friend must help him. Then he jumps into the ocean where they had dumped chum to attract various species of sharks. That was a bad…

  • When you read: Montana + Fly Fishing + Todd Moen, you can be sure you’ll watch an awesome video. FOR SALE: Season #2 DVD – Best of Catch Magazine Videos.

  • A funny bait, looking like an insect: the Shinmushi lure, by Duo. Originally sold for bass fishing, this lure is also efficient with pikes. And I do like the pretty and funny face of this lure. This “Bug” lure will induce bites with its silhouette and pulsation affect. The Realis Shinmushi has incorporated the actions…

  • Catfish World Record Catfish World Record

    This Feb. 19, 2015, on the Po River in Italy, was caught this monstrous catfish: 2.67 meters (8 feet, 9 inch) weighing 127 kilos (280 lbs)! The angler, Dino Ferrari is tester for Sportex brand that offers rods for carp and catfish. 2m67 – 127 kg: New Catfish World Record ? Dino is accustomed these…