96 cm Zander Caught on 40 cm Lure


An incredible fishing video by Daniel Dalien Vignjevic form Savage Gear team, shot in Slovenian Lake Bled.
He was trolling 4 meters down to surface of this 15 meters deep lake. The soft lure was a 40cm 3D Line-Thru Trout.
Big lure, big fish?   At this depht, and with such a big lure, he was more expecting a pike than a zander, rather supposed to stand at water bottom.
Surprise! And what an attack!! Shot with a Water Wolf, the strike will give an adrenaline rush to any angler.
This short clip is supposed to be a commercial for the Savage Gear Lure, successfully.  It’s also an incredible promotion for the Water Wolf camera, that you can order here.

Another underwater video, huge pike from kayak:
GIANT PIKE Underwater Strike video