4WD fishing boat


No, this is not a Transformer, but indeed a 4WD fishing boat.
Here is a Russian engine design, which reflects both the amphibious military vehicle and boat: the Sealegs 6.1m D-TUBE. As seen in this video demo, once the wheels raised and lowered the engine, it is a real speedboat, which allows to go fishing everywhere.

Main technical characteristics of Sealegs 6.1m 4WD fishing boat:

Overall length 6.19m (20ft 4in)
Width 2.31m (7ft 7in)
Draught 0.4m (16 inches)
Deadrise 21 degrees
Maximum load capacity of 500kg (1100 lb)
Weight 1290kg (2400funtov) (outboard E-TEC 115 hp and fuel tank)
Maxim. recommended engine power 115 hp
Maxim. speed: water – 65 km / h, land – 10 km / h
Hydraulic built into the wheel with bushings made of stainless steel
The twin-cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled engine Honda (24 hp), the engine is mounted in the fuselage under the center console, equipped with electronic ignition system and electric start
25 inches x 12 inches (76 x 36cm) all-terrain tires with four-9-inch (27cm) alloy wheels
Hydraulic cylinders, raises and lowers the wheels are adapted for use in seawater

More (in russian) on the manufacturer’s website.
The price of this “war machine”: about $ 120,000.

Apologies: it is indeed a 3WD, not a 4WD 🙂